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It’s the end of December – the time of giving and receiving. Not only that; it’s also the time for our New Year’s Resolutions which we will try hard to complete in the following year. So, perhaps you spent a lot of time trying to find great gifts for the ones you love, but what about the gift that you want to give to yourself? Like Microblading

One of the most popular trends of 2018 was definitely microbladed eyebrows, so it’s perfectly normal that you want them too. Starting from celebrities, to influencers, it seems that everyone is opting for this procedure, and it looks amazing. This means that having microbladed eyebrows could be that selfish little gift that you will give yourself for Christmas. But what should you know before opting for such a treatment?

1. It’s not painful

One of the frequently asked questions when microbladed eyebrows are concerned is whether the actual procedure is painful or not. Even though this procedure requires some small incisions to be made on your skin which is definitely not painless, the artist will use a numbing ointment on your brows in order to make the whole experience much more comfortable. This means that pain is definitely not the obstacle here – you probably won’t feel a thing during the microblading process.

2. Know where you’re going

The right artist can make or break your final look, and this is the most important factor that you need to take into consideration. First of all, you need to make sure that your artist is a certified one, and that they represent the company they’re working for in the best possible way. For example, everyone who underwent the top quality PhiBrows microblading training had a great chance to learn from one of the best master artists for eyebrows. It’s always better to find a great artist and pay for their services than trying to find a cheaper option and ending up with botched brows (these could be a bit more difficult to fix).

Microblading treatment new years resolution

3. The prices can vary

What is the approximate price of this procedure? According to RealSelf community, the average price per procedure is around $450, but this can vary depending on the actual artist that you have in mind and the place where you live. In some places the demand for microblading is bigger than in others which can definitely affect the price. The best option would be to browse online, find the best artist in your city or town and check the prices for yourself.

4. The lifespan

Even though this is your own Xmas gift; you will probably have your microbladed eyebrows on your face longer than one year. The average lifespan of microbladed eyebrows is somewhere between 12 months and 3 years, but this greatly depends on many factors. Choosing the right artist who uses pigments of the best quality and properly taking care of your brows after the procedure are the most important prerequisites for long microbladed eyebrows.

Microblading treatment new years resolution

5. It’s perfectly safe

Contrary to popular belief, microblading your eyebrows is a completely safe procedure. Even though it does involve a certain amount of risk just like any other procedure, the most important thing, apart from finding the best artist, is to properly follow the before and after processes. The best idea would be to schedule an appointment with your artist in order to find out what the thing you are not supposed to do prior the treatment are, and how to properly take care of the brows after the procedure.

6. What happens before the microblading treatment matters a lot

We already established that you have to follow the before and after rules to the letter, but what does that mean and why? Since you want the best possible results, it’s very important that you keep your skin and brows in the most natural way – meaning there should be no facials, tweezing or sunbathing at least two weeks before the procedure.

Microblading treatment new years resolution

7. Healing time is not long

It might happen that you see a lot of redness after the procedure that you become unhappy with the results in the first couple of weeks. However, know that this is perfectly normal, and that the final outcome of the procedure will be visible just after a month, so try not to panic if you don’t like your brows in the first couple of days after the procedure.

As you can see, having microbladed eyebrows is definitely not a procedure you have to think about a lot – it’s safe, it’s painless, it looks amazing. However, there are certain things to think about, such as your choice of the artist. So, you want them for 2019? Go treat yourself!

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