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You have the type of people who hate New Years resolutions and think it is absolute bullsh*t. You also have the type of people like me, who think that New Years resolutions actually DO matter to make a great start of a new year. Happily I don’t have to say ‘let’s quit smoking’ because I don’t smoke. Yes, I want to loose some weight, sport more and eat healthier than I already do, but these are not the type of resolutions I am going to make right now. I just start them whenever I am ready – which is also now btw. The resolutions I do make are the things that can change my year or even my life. Things you can reflect on last year to see what you need to or can do better. Let’s start sharing them!

1. Like I already wrote in yesterday’s post, I learned a lot last year. One of the things is to be nicer for myself. Life is short and no one is going to do it for you. You have to make your own happiness and luck. I got a lot of disappointments last year because of too high expectations from others. Because of this I lost some friends who I was very close with the year before. It openend my eyes for what real friends are, but also to don’t expect too much from others. YOU are the one who is going to do it, so do it for yourself and no one else.  You can really make yourself happy and as long as you are happy with yourself, it is easier to accept others.

2. Instead of watching TV and movies at night, I actually want to educate myself more. Go earlier to my bed (which will help disappearing the bags under my eyes as well) to read a good book. Not only Thillers or Romans, but also self education- and business books. I want to use social media on my phone less and use it more to read interesting things. Things that are going on in the world and can help me grow my business.

3. Last year I told myself to learn at least one new language and travel more. Well I did travel quite a lot, but I didn’t learned a new language and didn’t visit all the places I want to visit. It is time to make the promises I made last year come true. Travel more, because it gives me new energy and inspiration. And yes, it is really time to learn my Germain better. I love Austria so much, but it is so frustrating that I cannot start a normal conversation in Germain – especially since I understand 95%. So, this is the year I am going to learn my Germain and who knows, maybe other languages will follow..

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4. Next to being nicer to myself, I also want to treat myself more. I always have pain in my shoulders and back and I am always complaining about it. No matter if train or not, stress is the problem and I just cannot help it. But if I am always in pain, why the hell am I never going for a massage?! Time to make a promise to myself and treat the heard work with something that helps me relax.

5. I have so many ideas and things I want to do. I want to fill the shop, write a book, create better videos, do more marketing and design etc etc. Yet, I am still doing a lot of things alone. This is the year I am going to make bigger steps. Getting an office and someone to work for me. Someone who helps me creating content, bringing new ideas and makes us grow more than we already do. The idea only excites me so much!

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  • Natali . January 3, 2018 . Reply

    Your pants are absolutely incredible, so unique and shabby chic!
    Happy New year gorgeous and best of wishes. 🙂

  • Daria . January 3, 2018 . Reply

    I also think that new year´s resolutions do matter. I really like yours! Last year I also wanted to refresh my French. Well, I hope to do it this year).



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