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Let’s talk about nightwear, shall we? The temperatures might still be high, but we can’t help ourselves and think about the colder days. The new fashion arrivals just want to makes us wear knits and leather again, do you know that feeling? With the new season coming, it is also the perfect opportunity to think about updating our nightwear. You might have seen this post, where we talked about updating our lingerie, but nightwear is as much fun you guys! So for this post, we created three different types of nightwear queens with the collection of LASCANA.

The first nightwear queen is both cute and sexy. She likes to wear lace underwear and feminine negliges, but for in the house she keeps herself warm in a leopard bathrobe and bright pink slippers. The second one is more of a comfy gal, who just likes to wear a shirt dress and a big bathrobe on top. Some anti-slip socks and a good book is just all she needs to enjoy herself in the evening.

Last but not least, the fashion-queen. She is not only rocking the streets during the day, but also during the night. With a pajama set which she can wear both to a dinner with heels or in bed, she is always ready to go. Did we say heels? Even in home she is wearing them as she owns these fluffy guys. Next up a clay mask for a super soft and fine skin so she’s fashionable any time of the day. So, which nightwear queen are you?


1. Soft Pink Bra
2. Soft Pink Thong
3. Satin Negligé
4. Leopard Bathrobe
5. Sheet Mask
6. Pink Fluffy Slippers
7. Set of 3 Tops
8. Striped Shirt Dress
9. Star Bathrobe
10. Kiehl’s Mask
11. Anti-Slip Socks
12. Lace Body
13. Pajama Suit
14. Aztec Poncho
15. Clay Mask
16. Black Fluffy Heels

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