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From evening dresses to casual in neon sneakers. That was my weekend switch. I have so many great things to tell you about yesterday’s event because we really had the time of our lives! First of all, Louis Vuitton is the best host you can ever imagine. I felt like a real princess coming up at the event. The Knokke crew welcomed us with delicious Champagne and above all they showed us some real jewels that aren’t even in the stores yet! It was such a honor to have seen it and photograph it for you on the blog. They made me feel so special. For the photos of the event you have to have a little bit of patience because I can’t release them yet. The products are going into the shops by the end of next week so to celebrate this there will come a HUGE post about the whole event and all their beautiful products. Stay updated!

After Louis Vuitton we went to the fashion show of Audi, where there was a massive after-party. The best way to describe the whole evening was Phenomenal! Both my mom and I danced the night away on French classics in the mix with the music from now. We met some great people and enjoyed some more delicious Champagne (before you get me wrong, I usually never drink any zip of alcohol because I hate the taste of wine or beer, but some Champagne at an event is always welcome). I should stop telling you everything about the night because I want to keep the story for the special post next week. That’s a good point to get over today’s outfit!

Like I said, from dresses to sneakers. I received these Nike’s last week from Net-a-Porter and I am wearing them ever since (okay almost). I used to hate these kind of sneakers but I needed a pair because I want to start doing some sports at the gym. Besides that I didn’t visited the gym yet….. I am walking on them anyway. There so comfortable, it feels like you’re floating in the air. I have some problems with my feet so it is really hard for me to find shoes that are comfortable enough for walking all day long. Well, I found them now! Of course I wouldn’t but some simple black ones so I chose for a fluor orange pair. They have been on my wish list for a while, and I just love the feeling to remove something from it after I finally bought it. Do you know that feeling?

Well folks, it’s time for me to sleep now as I am soooo tired of partying yesterday and walking on high heels all night long. Probably the most of you are going out for a party now, so I wish you all (also you who are going to sleep as well) a phenomenal evening like I had yesterday! Kisses and see you tomorrow!!












I was wearing:

Sweater: Zara (similar)

Pants: H&M (another one)

Shoes: Nike Roshe Run

Bag: Mulberry Bayswater


Lips: Nars Satin Lip Pencil YU


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