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You have already done the usual at every destination you have visited so far. From seeing the ‘must-see’ sights to dining at the ‘5 most popular restaurants’ so for your next trip you want to try something different. This article is here to help, it will provide you with some interesting options that you can try out on your non-typical next big trip. So, let’s start!

Sign up for a private day tour

Yes, it might seem like a bit more money than you originally planned to spend. But it is definitely worth it. When you are with a group you often miss out on a lot of things, either you don’t hear the guide well, or you are being rushed to see everything within the designated timeline. Not to mention all those entrance lines you need to waste time in before you get to see the sight you want.

Well, forget about all of that when you opt for a private day tour. Your own guide will be there to answer all the questions you might have, you will move at your own pace, and if you want to stay longer at a certain location, you can. And, best of all you’ll get to skip the lines with a priority entrance option that most of these tours offer. So considering all of the above, spending that little bit extra does sound far more tempting. Splurge, after all, you are on vacation!

Try out different means of transport


When you arrive at a new location you should check out different means of transport you can use to get around. For example, if you are in Lisbon, you shouldn’t skip on a ride or two on their famous trams, especially down those beautiful steep streets. On the other hand, if you are in Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss out on non-typical Ho Chi Minh City sights tour, you will have a local guide that will take you around the city on two wheels, a definite must-try experience in this country.

Finally, if you get a chance, to go to Cuba, opting for a vintage cab to get around Havana is something you don’t want to miss. Sure, there are no seatbelts, and the driver will serenade you during the entire ride, but, hey, you do want a non-typical travel experience, don’t you?

Discover restaurants and cafes that are not on any top X list


Fight the temptation to be safe and only try what you have been recommended, or read about online. Most of the lists are paid for by the restaurants and bars that are found on them, so you shouldn’t believe everything you read. It is far more interesting to go exploring on your own. So the next time you go traveling skip the food advice section, and find your own options. It is definitely a non-typical approach, but you might end up discovering true culinary gems on location.

However, if you are still unsure whether or not you dare to go, rogue, follow the locals, see where they go during lunchtime. And order what they order. That will definitely provide you with an authentic experience worth exploring. Finally, don’t hesitate to try local dishes and tastes, even if they are the polar opposite of your usual choices, traveling is all about exploring and widening your views, and that includes food and drink, so don’t be scared to at least try, you might be surprised by how much you actually like something.

Find the roads less traveled

When we decide to visit a certain location we often start by researching what to do there. There is always a list or two of thing you should visit and see, as well as a whole selection of tours at your disposal. City tour, wine tour, museum tour and so on. Well, you can be sure that everyone else googling that destination is doing the same, checking the same options and booking the same tour.

So, in order to change things up, and have a non-typical travel experience, you can opt for something not listed in the first two pages of destination description. For example, why not instead of a regular safari go on migration of bats safari in Zambia, sound different, doesn’t it. Or if you want to be a bit more daring, pack your bags and go on an African wilderness tour, where you’ll get to sleep in huts with local tribes, and discover untouched landscapes of this great continent. You can be sure there won’t be any tourist lines there.

There you have it, a whole new take on traveling, something less traditional, but at the same time far more exciting and eye-opening. Make your next vacation a truly memorable one with some of the suggestions from this article. Happy Travel!


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