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September 20, 2015.Floortje.0 Likes.33 Comments


Happy Sunday loves! Hope you all had a great weekend! Instead of sleeping out my jetlag, I ran around all weekend which makes me feel even more jet lagged now.. Guess I will sleep very early tonight haha. So, after coming back home Friday, I started catching up on some emails (which I hope I will finally finish tomorrow) and I went to Amsterdam yesterday, to catch up with my favorite girlfriend. Nothing better than sharing Fashion Week stories while enjoying some cocktails and good food!

Today I am extremely excited to share my second New York Fashion Week day with you, where we attended two different shows and had a party at night! Don’t have photos of the party though.. Anyway, we kicked off the day with Nicholas K which I was so excited about to attend! I loved the little edgy side of the brand, the special cuts and shapes and minimalistic colors. While hearing hard drums, almost techno like, the models took over the runway to show this impressive collection!

Straight after this show, we went to Leanne Marshall. As there was no time in between I hadn’t had the time to change my outfit. Happy that I chose this look to the shows, as it was totally street style worth in my opinion! I took a little risk and wore a simple white shirt backwards, together with a matching Burberry tie on my back as well. A girly skirt, some red heels and to die for Lipstick bag (which I got SO many compliments of) made it probably my favorite Fashion Week look so far.

As you can see in the photos, the Leanne Marshall show was spectacular! The collection was truly beautiful and we dreamed away with these stunning blue dresses and beautiful feminine textures. Hope you like the photos and enjoy seeing this NYFW takeover! More to come! Xo






















I was wearing:

Shirt: Burberry

Skirt: Asos or here

Bag: Choiesor the real deal

Shoes: Asos

Tie: Burberry


Lips: Guerlain Rouge L’Extrait No. M27

Comments (33)

  • Agnes . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    You look beautiful and your outfit is so creative! Love it

    Agnes x

  • SweetMona Blog de moda . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    SO COOL!!!

  • Nevena Krstic . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    I love your outfit! You’re so pretty 🙂 xx

  • Maria | Looking Glass . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    This is such a cute and creative outfit, plus the heels are to die for! Love this xo

  • Natali . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    You look absolutely imcredible in this superb and chic outfit!

  • Jessica . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    This look is so amazing, such a unique way to wear your shirt ! I would never think to do that but I actually like the way it looks, your belt and skirt are beautiful also <3


  • Stephanie . September 20, 2015 . Reply

    Such a unique outfit! Love it! The shows look so wonderful!!

  • Ina Nuvo . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Really amazing idea! You look gorgeous, I have to say that skirt is just made for you! <3

    Ina von

  • Christine . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Love your style!<3

    Christine |

  • Lucy . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    This is absolutely amazing!!! love your style.


  • May . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Not gonna lie: freaked out a bit when I saw the first photo but I am in LOVE. I’d never thought of wearing a button down that way before! I might just steal the look! Haha, love love love the outfit! And eek, the collections look amazing!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

  • Katherine . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    You look so pretty! I like your smile! 🙂

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  • Giulia Pirola . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    love it!

  • Izzy . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Very cute outfit! For a brief second it gave me a Kris Kross moment, these hiphop boys wore their clothes backwards, too (but that was before you were born, I’m guessing 😉 )!

  • federica . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Wonderful look!! You are so beautiful!!

  • Carmen . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Wow, I love that look! I’m always for experiments and in your case it definitively worked out!
    NYFW must have been amazing, the photos look great though!!
    Love, Carmen

  • The Losing Struggle . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    There were some great pieces of clothing in the show!
    I adore the white dress with purple and blue.

    You’re wearing a very cool shirt,
    it’s a little mind blow.

    Celien | The Losing Struggle

  • Barbara Sara . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    Lovee your post 🙂

  • Anna . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    LOVE the reverse tie!!! And that bag!!!!!

  • Sabina B . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    nice look, love the skirt!

  • Jules . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    You were so beautiful, love those fashion shows!!

  • Elizabeth T. . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    OMG your shoes are amazing 🙂
    Such a cute feminine look <3

    xo, elizabeth t.

  • Lauren at adorn la femme . September 21, 2015 . Reply

    The idea of a blouse and tie (backwards) is so inventive!! Love it so much!! Perfect for NYFW! xo

    adorn la femme

  • Deasy Noel . September 22, 2015 . Reply

    Oh my gosh, Leanne Marshall’s gowns are so beautiful! And I love that you had a backward blouse. How did you put on the tie though?! O_O Impressive skills, haha.

  • Carine . September 22, 2015 . Reply

    Great outfit! Absolutely love the animal print booties!

  • Krizia . September 22, 2015 . Reply

    Love the bag and I also love what you did with the tie!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • Roos . September 23, 2015 . Reply

    Dit is echt mijn favoriete! Very creative!

  • Ivana . September 23, 2015 . Reply

    Wow, pure perfection!

  • Anouschka . September 23, 2015 . Reply

    Oh you look so amazing in this Outfit! I love this blouse so much and you are such a pretty girl !
    I really love your blog 🙂
    xx Anouschka

  • Stefanie . September 23, 2015 . Reply

    You look super, super cute in this outfit <3 Can't get enough of it, really!

    x Stefanie

  • Bibi . September 30, 2015 . Reply

    Such a unique way to wear a shirt and change it up! Love it!! And the shows look beautiful as well, how amazing you went to NYFW! <3 xx

  • Karen Thi . October 1, 2015 . Reply

    I love the backward shirt idea! Very innovative 🙂

  • Deborah Bray . October 30, 2015 . Reply

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