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Happy Wednesday loves! In some way, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. We are in the middle of the working week, close to the weekend and somehow the time always pass by so quick. It is the time to plan exciting things to do, or just to look forward to a weekend of nothing else than some movies and your bed. These upcoming weekends are overloaded with jobs and trips for me, which I am more than excited for. Last weekend I had a weekend off and well, I find it kind of boring. Yes, it is nice to stay home and finally clean your room (which becomes a huge mess during a busy week), but I always get bored of doing nothing. I just need to do something, so then again I’ll crap my laptop to do some email and blog work.

For now all the work is quite up to date, so we are ready to leave to Paris tomorrow – ready for another Fashion Week adventure! For today I don’t have a wishlist as usual, as I first wanted to posts all the New York Fashion Week articles. Well, here is the last show we attended (but don’t be sad as there is a beautiful presentation coming up tomorrow or Friday to end my first NYFW experience). It is so strange to look back at these pictures as so much happened in between and after. So many memories where I am grateful for and so many things that pushed me forward to work for this dream.

In this post you will discover the collection of Georgine, a Dutch designer based in New York, doing her fourth collection. I think she all blew us all away with her bold and yet so surprising collection. As I said how much I love minimalistic designs yesterday, I think bold ones like you see in this show are still my favorite. It’s interesting to look at as you will discover more details the longer you see an outfit or item. I personally fell in love with the fur belt bags which are highly on my wishlist since the show. Also the blue glittery suit, decorated trench coat and fur sleeves made my fashion heart beat faster. Needless to say that the colors are the ultimate spring combinations!

I had the pleasure to meet Georgine herself after the show. She is such a lovely and kind person, passionated about her job and living her dream. For the show I chose to wear a cowboy chic look wearing a western shirt, suede midi skirt (love the high split!), some cool booties and of course, a big cowboy hat. Hope you like the show and my outfit as much as I do. See you in Paris! Xo





















I was wearing:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, similar here or here

Skirt: Marccain, more suede here, here or here

Boots: Chloé Susanna 

Bag: Chloé Faye

Hat: Asos

Belt: Asos

Bracelets: HermesBvlgariThe Peachbox


Lips: Nars Satin Lip Pencil Rose Brown

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