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We already wrote an article about Sustainable Christmas Outfits and this time we go last minute for New Years outfit inspiration. You might forgot it – but probably not – but tonight it is time to say goodbye to 2018 and say hello to 2019. Yes, the year passed by like racing horse running on a high speed train transported by a jet fighter. So.

Anyway, since the time is passing like crazy, you might not had the time to go outfit shopping yet. Or you just don’t want to spend some extra money on an overrated sparkling outfit since buying Christmas presents cost you already too much. We get it. So time to give you the last push you need to go sustainable and create an outfit with the things you already have. Here are some tips!


Go to your friends or your family’s house to borrow something from them. Or maybe switch clothing and accessories you don’t use anymore to something they don’t use anymore. In this way you always have something new to wear without spending money.


You probably have this pearl necklace with crystal earrings somewhere hidden in your closet. New Years eve is the perfect time to wear it all together, because more is more! So who said a sequin dress has it all, if you can layer your favorite jewelry over a simple tee as well?


We are saying it one more time, but a statement make-up look for New Years is a key. Red lips or smokey eyes with glitters, or both! Again; more is more when it comes to the Holidays, so don’t be ashamed to go over the top!


Just saying it one more time to check out out Sustainable Christmas Outfits for your last minute inspiration – if you hadn’t enough yet.

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