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Ombre Nails, it looks super easy but oh my, it was a lot of work! But fun anyway, so I have this special manicure for you on today’s Make-Up Monday. I thought it might be nice to show you some nail art more often, so if you do like to see that, than make sure you say ‘YES’ after you have read this post and maybe tried it out yourself :).

I have seen some short nail-art videos on Instagram where I got my inspiration from. Normally I like my nails to be simple and clean, but this ombre DIY definitely took my attention. I thought it was so cool and the options are endless. I chose for my favorite color combination at the moment, grey and pink, but you can choose any combination you like for sure! All you need are different nail polish colors, base- and topcoats, some remover (I used this incredible stick), a file, tape and some make-up sponges.

In each photo I teach you step by step how to create your own ombre nails. For me, the hardest job was removing the nail polish from my fingers. Need to find a better solution for that soon if I want to do this more often.. Hmm.. Anyway, I hope it will stay like this for some time because of all the work it took haha. Hope you like this lil’ tutorial as I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it and maybe even some tips to improve it! XX














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