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Finally, a new Make-Up post! It has been so long.. I always find it quite hard to keep up with the beauty posts since they take a lot of work and time to prepare. Not that I don’t like it – because I love to share some beauty tips and tricks with you – but besides the step by step shots, we have to think about the place, outfit and so on. You just don’t shoot beauty outside or in the same bathroom for the 100th time. So today I have just some simple shots, wearing this cute Sammydress dress and sharing this cool make-up box from Benefit.

This box is all about the pore no more products from Benefit. I think we can be all jealous of girls with a baby skin and we wish we had the same. With these products you can create a little bit of your own baby skin as well. You just start with the Pore Professional cream on your cheeks, nose, wherever you need it. Than top it off with the powder from the same line and start with your normal make-up routine. If your skin is a bit shiny, the dr. Feelgood balm is the perfect solution to mattify your skin during any time of the day.

During the day, your nose, chin and forehead might get shiny again which means pores will get visible. My favorite of them all is this stick from the Pore Professional line. Effective and super easy to apply over your make-up when on the go. For the perfect look we need a highlighter at last, because we woman shouldn’t go without. My addiction is this liquid one from Benefit as well as you can apply it everywhere you want to get that perfect summer glow all year long. Hope you like the photos we shot and get a little inspired by the products here! Xo












Benefit Operation: Pore-Proof kit

Sammydress Cartoon Dress

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