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For a long while I was really a nitwit when it came to supplements and vitamins. I thought that I was eating healthy enough to live without taking any supplements or extra vitamins. But when I came in contact with Orthica a few months ago, a door openend for me. I was telling them that I feel so tired, restless, have some stomach problems and need to sleep better to get my energy back. They advised me to start using some of their products and even tough I thought it wasn’t necessary, I really feel the difference in how my body and mind feels after a few months of using it. Today I would like to share my experiences of their products, so read about each below to get the info you need!

*On forehand I want to say that these are my personal experiences and that these supplements really worked for me, but of course every person is different and has different needs. I’ve also put the links so all the products below so you can check them out yourself. This is a no-spon so I do this just to inform you where to get it.


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To start with the problem of having a lack of energy; this can be solution. Especially during winter time, when you don’t see the sun that much, you can have a lack of vitamine D. For me this really is a problem and I feel a massive difference between summer and winter. So especially during fall and winter, I like to keep up my Vitamine D with their D-25 supplement. Like most vitamines, it also gives a higher resistance against illness and for me it really helps me to feel more energized. I take one small tablet a day to keep up a good level, especially during the days the sun isn’t out.


floortjeloves, orthica, supplements, vitamins, vitamines, magnesium, probiotica

Ever since I can remember, I had some problems with my stomach. I have a really fast and sensitive digestion, so I always have to watch what I eat. I try to avoid fastfood, alcohol and gluten as much as I can to keep my belly in control. But of course I have some cheat-days as well. Especially when going out for dinner, this can be so hard. Often I directly suffer from a really bad digestion after a nice evening out, which of course sucks. Orthica advised me to try out their Orthiflor Original everyday, and one extra when I am going out for a dinner. This is a probiotica who has the right bacteria for your intestines. On their advice I take it in the morning when my stomach is still empty. You open the capsule in a glass of water – no taste – and let the powder do its work before you eat.

Call it a miracle, but ever since I start using it, my problems are much less than before. Especially when going out I feel a big difference. It saves me from a lot of awkward toilet moments I can tell ;-).


floortjeloves, orthica, supplements, vitamins, vitamines, magnesium, probiotica

You may know that I like to work out a lot and have quite an active lifestyle. I sport 3-4 times a week when I am at home and run from one place to another. People advised me more often to start using magnesium (since this is a body-own substance) and while I thought it really wasn’t necessary, I now really feel the difference. The pain in my muscles after a work-out are less, I keep my energy level higher and sleep better in the evening because I finally feel like I can relax. At the moment I am taking one in the evening which I think is enough for now. I feel good while using it and with the thought that it is good for the bones as well, I will keep on using it.


floortjeloves, orthica, supplements, vitamins, vitamines, magnesium, probiotica

One of the vitamines you basically cannot take enough of, is a multi vitamine. The Multi Energie from Orthica includes all the vitamines you need if you don’t see the sun enough, don’t exercise as much as you should or don’t eat the vitamins you should eat. This can lead to the lack of energy many people (including me) suffer from. Like the Vitamine D, this really helps to keep up my energy level high, especially when I have a week where I don’t work out because I am away or too busy. As a kid we used to get this already, but now when I started using it again I feel why.


floortjeloves, orthica, supplements, vitamins, vitamines, magnesium, probiotica

Last but not least; Vitamin C. Only when you are eating 10 oranges a day you don’t need to have extra vitamine C, other wise it’s always good to consider taking some. It helps to keep up your resistance, which can be extra useful in winter time when everybody is having a cold. Next to that, it’s also energizing and helps protecting the healthy body cells. I often variety between the Multi Energie and the Super C-Complex. I just try to feel what my body needs at that moment.

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