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Hi loves! Wow, how long has it been? It feels like ages since I talked with you guys. Where to start? Life has been crazy ever since I got the keys of my new apartment last Friday. Saturday was all about a shoot and getting all the cleaning stuff we needed for a big cleaning session on Sunday. Well, I finished the house yesterday (except of the floor), so I am finally ready to move in next Tuesday. Things are getting a little stressful as well since I need to get literally everything. I don’t even have a bed to sleep in yet haha. So this week will be about planning it all, catching up on work and preparing some for the last weeks of December. Anyway, how are you guys doing? Would love to hear about how my followers are during these excited last days of the year :-).

For today I have something personal to share. Something I am a little bit nervous about, but also proud of. You might have seen the #ShareYourSexy campaign from Zalando which I personally find a really cool idea. We woman are always so insecure about ourselves. From the color of our hair, to the bodies we have. I personally had a lot of struggles myself which I can now finally respect in some way. Because wouldn’t we all be happier when we love ourselves? Earlier this year I finally find out who I was, what I wanted to do in my live and what I love to do. When I started realizing this it was easier to love myself, but also others. I made some fantastic new friends, got closer to the ones I already had and generally I am more positive than ever.

This might sound cheesy, but I think it all start with self-love and self-respect. Because how can you love someone else if you don’t even love yourself? It gets hard sometimes, tell me all about it. Especially when you see all these perfect bikini girls on Instagram who are or all photoshopped, or at the gym 24/7. But is this reality? I think we are all beautiful, no matter if you are a size 32 or a 52. The most important thing is to shine and that is what we woman all should do. And what is a better time to shine than Christmas and a new year just around the corner?

All you have to do is write down the things you are happy about in your life and yourself. It’s easier to say what you don’t like, but be honest and think about it. If you’re funny, write it down! If you can cook very well, have a nice job or a beautiful pair of blue or deep brown eyes, say it! If you find this really hard, you can also do it with a friend. Maybe you can help each other to find the positive things about yourself. At last you have to stand in the front of a mirror and take a good look at just you. Be proud of what you are, be happy about everything you have in life (friends, family, a home) and love your body. What always helps to feel sexy, is to wear lingerie that fits. Some lace or dots, or even both. Today I am proud of wearing Passionata for this set of images and I hope you enjoyed reading this post and the photos we shot with it. Don’t forget; you are beautiful, each one of you in a unique way.








I was wearing:

Bra, hipster and body, all Passionata

Necklace: Oasap

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Comments (12)

  • Frederique . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    WOW! Jij durft! Wat een prachtig setje is dit zeg, I love it!
    xxxx Fre

  • Natali . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    You look so feminine and sensual, real woman these photos! Very brave and well done girl!

  • Maria | Looking Glass . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Beautiful words and photos! I love the lingerie xx

  • Veerle Scheutjens . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Wauw! Mooi geschreven en wat een prachtige foto’s.


  • Agnes . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Pretty lingerie!

    Agnes x

  • Saša Rakovec . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Great photos! I totally agree with your statment that If you don’t love yourself how can someone else love you? It’s so important to know that no one is perfect, and at the same time everyone is perfect for someone:)

  • Gina . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Wauw, super dat je dit durft! Je staat er prachtig op en wat een body <3

  • Pinja . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    Absolutely loved this post, the message is SO important and can never be emphasized enough! Wishing you a fabulous Christmas time xx

  • Jules . December 16, 2015 . Reply

    So beautiful!!

  • Bibi . December 17, 2015 . Reply

    Beautiful post, love the collection and you are such an inspiration! x

  • claudia . December 18, 2015 . Reply

    facebook & Instagram “claudiasartorelloblog”

  • Jacques . December 26, 2015 . Reply

    This post is perfectly stunning.

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