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Another Christmas, another Christmas tree. In Amsterdam, Christmas is a big deal and everyone is frantically looking for the biggest, most bad ass tree. To decorate it afterwards in the most perfect way. But balls and lights can become a bit boring every year. This year, we can do way better.

First and foremost. We’re going to start banning fake plastic Christmas trees once and for all. It’s a terribly wastefull and above all ugly manner of decorating your home. Especially if you buy a new one every year. So don’t. And be inspired by these once instead.

The Floral Christmas Tree

Starting with this pretty Christmas tree, we found on A Beautiful Mess. We have to admit that this doesn’t really embody the winter feeling of a traditional Christmas tree, but it’s a looker nonetheless. Instead of decorating the tree with balls and coloured lights, this creative soul wove in flowers and a subtle string of lights. Which is an awesome idea when your sick of your boring ol’ Christmas tree.

Perfect christmas tree

We do agree with the creator of this tree, that white is the way to go. The white pine stems are the perfect base to work with. Just be careful you don’t buy a plastic one.

The invisible one

This idea is pretty out there, but it’s really cool. It might be tricky to pull this design of perfectly on the first try, but if you succeed than you have a very cool tree. Or, well. The actual tree part is missing.

Perfect christmas tree

We found this one on Bored Panda. An amazing website if you’re looking for inspiration and like to keep busy with little creative projects. All of the balls are suspended from ceiling, and strung up in a pattern that gives it the appearance of an actual Christmas tree. This is a great design if you like a challenge, just don’t build it near the window.

The minimalist

The Christmas tree usualy differs greatly from the other ornaments in your house, but it doesn’t have to. The Dutch VTWonen created a beautiful tree out of paper and a wooden lamp post. The result is simply amazing and the tree compliments the house.

Perfect christmas tree

The one that doesn’t require space

This one is perfect if you don’t have a big house. Just use an bland wall and create your own perfect little Christmas corner. It might sound a bit weird, but the result is rather nice, actually.

perfect Christmas tree

And when you’re done

The tree should be the center of attention in your Christmas home, but there are loads more ideas you can apply. Like these!

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