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A new week just begun so time for a new Make-Up Monday. As I showed and told you last week the coming beauty posts will be all about three different looks I have shot with the talented photographer Chanelle. I am so happy to finally reveal the second look with you which is all about the perfect daily make-up. As you know I love to wear natural looks and that’s totally the same for this one. I kept my eyes and skin simple but added a little bit of color on my lips. Let’s start!

For the skin basics I use exactly the same as in last post. If you don’t remember the items you can scroll back or find the post here. After you did this clean basic you can go further with creating your look. For a nice glow on my skin I love to use Guerlain Terracotta Light No. 03. As you can see on the pictures this powder exists of different colors and shades. That’s exactly what makes this bronzer so perfect. You’ll never look to brown or to pink nor to orange. So this one must be highly on your wishlist if you want a perfect glow!

As second I finish up my skin by adding some blush on my cheeks. I told you earlier about this beauty from Dior and it’s sill my favorite. No glitters or shiny stuff, just the perfect combination between pink and coral (and that without having a Barbie-effect). Now you’ll do the same as in last post. You finish up your eyebrows with the clear eyebrow gel from Anastasia.

At last your lashes and lips. My favorite mascara is the Doll Eyes from Lâncome. The one you see on the picture is a special design by Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. That’s maybe why I love this mascara so much. Doesn’t the package look amazing??! Apply the mascara and you’re almost done, you only have to add your favorite lipstick color and you’re about to rock your beautiful make-up! My favorite lipstick is this one from Dior, shiny and stylish.

That was today’s Make-Up Monday, I hope you enjoyed the photos and I wish you good luck for making your own perfect daily make-up! See you on Wednesday when I am about to tell you a very big announcement.. Stay updated! XXX









Photos made by Chanelle, visit her blog here

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