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Men are terrible, I’ll admit. We don’t ‘need’ anything or we’ve already bought it ourselves, so it’s never easy to get us a gift. It’s even worse when it’s Valentines Day. But we are here to help. These are the perfect Valentines Day gifts for him. And to do you even one better, we’ll also explain what to look for when searching for a gift.

He’s been giving (not so) subtle hints all year

“Oh babe, this watch is so beautiful”, or “Babe, check out these concert dates.” You might have heard this all year round. He’s not expressing his interests to you. Okay, maybe he did a little, but he mostly wants you to pay attention. Big chance he’s secretly expecting you to buy him one of these things once his birthday or in this case Valentines Day comes around.

He’s also not being very coy about the fact that he’s gonna blow you away this year with the gift he already bought you. Let’s face it ladies, when it comes down to gifts, men are usually quicker in the ‘buying’ part, even though we rarely get it right.

10 Perfect Valentines Day Gifts for Him

So with that in mind, he’s expecting something cool and original. It’s intense to find the perfect Valentines Day gift for him, especially if he’s being a very good and supporting boyfriend this year. He only deserves the best, so the cliche gifts are off the table. However: Here are ten gifts I’m sure, he’s going to love!

These ideas are more original, if we’d say so, but then again it all comes down to personal taste. So having a good understanding of what he loves and adjusting your gift on that will always win. Regardless, take a look at these 10 winners. Perhaps this is the perfect present for him this Valentines Day.

10. The modern snap backpack – Everlane

His young professional life is going great and he’s going from meeting to meeting, or he’s real busy in school. Whatever he’s doing, a busy man needs a modern and above all classy backpack. Just as girls look at each others purses, men are revered by the way they appear, and with what kind of backpack. Big bonus; this particular model is made by the ethical fashion brand Everlane and currently on sale.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him

9. Bourbon infused coffee

Men really, really love a few things namely: coffee, a good whisky, his friends and of course his girlfriend. Well, he’s already got the latter, so let’s focus on the former. Coffee and whisky has always been an interesting combination to us Especially if you use the sweet and spicy characteristics of a nice bourbon. So bag of coffee beans might be the perfect gift for your whisky- and coffee loving boyfriend. And he can even drink it on the morning of a very important day. The perfect valentines day gifts for him


8. A Masterclass by a celeb

It might be hard to make Gordon Ramsey appear in your kitchen, and some say you shouldn’t even want that. So giving your boyfriend a video course on cooking given by the masterchef himself, might be the the next best thing. Off course there’s more to choose from. So look for something that suits him and surprise him with these cool video courses.

7. The classic black and white city map – Desenio

Every man, woman and child loves these classic city map posters. It doesn’t even matter if you live in one of these cities, it just looks great in his living room or your bedroom. What’s his favourite city and order away. He’ll find it the perfect Valentines Day gift, and do you know why? Because you cared enough to remember his favourite city.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, desenio

6. NES Mini Classic Edition – Nintendo

If he’s into games, then he most likely grew up with a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Well, this model is completely revamped and re-released back in 2017. It houses over 30 games and amongst those are all the classics he used to play when he was a kid. If you want to join in and stay in this years Valentines Day? Then buy an extra controller and have fun!

The perfect valentines day gifts for him

5. Tile Pro

Is your boyfriend so forgetful that he even loses you sometimes? Then this next gift might save his live. A Tile is small, neat and very handy. Pair it to your phone and you’ll never lose anything again, unless you lose your phone of course. You know him best and if you want him to get his act together and let him leave the house for once without forgetting the car keys? Then give him this.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, Tile Pro

4. Men’s Texting Touchscreen Gloves – Warmen Gloves

In Amsterdam it’s freezing. Floortje loves it, me – not so much. So texting gloves are the perfect gift to me. If you want your boyfriend to look classy while he’s going to work, you give him this pair of Warmen. He can fully operate the touchscreen throught the leather of the gloves.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, Texting gloves

3. Personalized Camera Strap

Lot’s of men are into photography, and that’s good. I mean, someone should take your picture for Istagram, right? Engrave it with your name or his, or put on a nice message and everytime he shoots a picture, he’ll be thinking of you. The straps are sturdy and look very professional. You’ll find them here.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, camera strap

2. Guitar Pick Keychain 

You might ask yourself why this small gift is so high on this list. Well first of all, it’s not a ranked list and second once you drop your guitar pick, you’ll never find it again. The same goes with putting them away. As soon as you leave it on the counter or tabletop, they dissappear. This keychain with leather pouch is going to change that. It looks cool, he can take it anywhere and he’ll be thanking you everytime he plays.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, keychain

1. Vintage Turntable with Bluetooth – Crosley Cruiser

Finally, this is something every man loves. Listening to vinyl is still the best way to experience music. The warmer tones and the crispy sound of the record player gives every song an edge. So if you really want to surprise him this year, You order this stunning turntable. He’s going to love it, I promise your that much! This is definitely the perfect gift amongst the perfect Valentines Day gifts.

The perfect valentines day gifts for him, turntable


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