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While doing research for sustainable brands and where to find them, we came in contact with Project Cece. This online platform collects sustainable brands, shares the coolest items which you can shop within one click. So not to be confused; they aren’t a webshop, but they offer many of them on their platform! In that way, it makes it super easy to find and discover new sustainable brands to love.

You can shop in categories. From tops to bottoms and from underwear to party outfits. It really is the easiest way to learn more about fair brands and where to shop them. If you find an item you like, you will be easily directed to the website of the brand and continue shopping there.

The three founders started Project Cece during their student time. While they were searching for sustainable yet fashionable clothing, they found out it was really hard to find it. That is when they decided to change the question into a solution; a platform that share all the brands. This makes it super easy to make a more conscious choice, so no more excuses that it is hard to find!

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Of course I also had to search around for my favorites, and here they are! Sustainable fashion often has this boring image, but look and think again! There are great brands out there who do great and fashionable items. What about this feather printed trousers for example? Isn’t it perfect?! Rock it during the day with a dark blue sweater and with a nice top for an evening out. Another look I love is this sweater dress. Spice it up with red tights and cool accessories like these earrings or embellished clutch. Not boring at all!

project cece, sustainable, sustainability, shop, shopping, shopping tip

Just make sure you will scroll around on the website of Project Cece and discover new and fair made brands. I promise, shopping sustainable is even more fun than normal shopping, since you are always making a better choice!

Shop my selection here:

1.  Blue Sweater
2. Red Hat
3. Grey Sweater Dress
4. Green Puffer Coat
5. Double Earrings
6. Embellished Clutch
7. Turquoise Ring
8. Gold Ring
9. Feather Trousers
10. Black Booties
11. Bucket Bag
12. Red Heels
13. Double Belt
14. Red Tights

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