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From wearing my mom’s clothes to stealing my brother’s coats. Jup, it’s all possible! When I was wearing this total red look the other day, I came to the point that there was something missing. I just needed to add a dark blue coat but that one was, how strange, missing in my closet. Need to find a nice one asap. Like a big, boyfriend sized one. For now my brother’s coat worked fine too and I absolutely loved wearing it. And he didn’t mind, at least I think so..

The shooting we did here was probably one of the best we did ever. It was such a good day. Cold but sunny and everybody was out for a walk. We went to this little harbor to shoot this Marine like look where we met the owner of the boat, which was there for the whole weekend. He gave us the opportunity to shoot on his boat which was so fun! The strange fact is, as I see these kind of boats everyday around my house for as long as I can remember, I never actually stand on one. That was probably why we liked shooting this look so much. And how about red on red? I absolutely love it!

For you I have some news too. I asked you guys week about my SnapChat issue, remember? Sharing it or not? After thinking about it a lot, I finally came to the point to also share this crazy story with you. I love SnapChat. I think it is such a fun and easy way to show some crazy moments and real life updates. So why not share it with you right? The people I am the most thankful for, who make me do what I love to do the most :). So, if you like and you’re using it as well, follow me on SnapChat by the username ‘floortjeloves‘. Can’t wait to see you guys over there! XX


















I was wearing:

Coat: Tommy Hilfiger

Turtleneck: Asos

Pants: Zapa (similar here)

Sneakers: Sarah Summer

Bag: Ralph Lauren

Hat: Vintage (similar)


Lips: Dior Addict No. 338

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