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Today is already the beginning of a super duper weekend! Gladly this week passed by so fast because I couldn’t be more excited about the things that are coming! Starting with tomorrow: attending my first fashion week show ever. Amsterdam fashion week just kicked off the season and I couldn’t be more grateful to attend two shows this time. It is not the biggest fashion week out there but I am sure it is the beginning of something big! At the end of last year I said that 2015 is going to be my year. Magical things will happen and I am sure about that! Are you ready to join a long time journey?

Anyhow, tomorrow will be my first fashion week show (and Monday the second) and with that have been said I am also getting quite nervous. I tried so many different outfits today to prepare my look already, but I am still not sure about what to wear.. Luxury problem right? During Amsterdam fashion week most people are dressed very arty, so I woke up my inner creativity goddess and tried on everything I had hanging in my closet. Ugh, fashion week madness is harder than I thought.. Anyway, make sure to stay up to date all weekend long on my Instagram and Twitter to know what I will be doing and what I will wear. More is coming soon you guys!

Now it’s time for the biggest thing. I have been waiting so long to finally tell you it and you might have already seen some info on my social media, but we’re expecting a new baby in the family! A dog baby to be more clearly. This Sunday we will pick up our sweetest little Dachshund puppy called Fien (I know, another ‘hard-to-prounnouce-Ducth-name’). We are waiting for her since September, not knowing if her mom was already pregnant, but now she’s finally old enough to come to her new home. I always have been a dog lover. I lived with dogs my whole life and since our beloved Pong passed away last year (she was almost 14 years old), we have been missing a dog in and around so much. In the Chinese astrology I am also a dog, so maybe that’s why I have such a big heart for them.

So now I have told you all my secrets so far and I can’t wait to share every single bit of them. And as you now me, for every special moment I have a special post too, so keep an eye on the blog this weekend and next week! XO



















I was wearing:

Coat: Asos

Turtleneck: Asos

Leather pants: Ginger (similar)

Sneakers: Sarah Summer

Bag: Ralph Lauren

Earcuff: DIY (similar)


Lips: Dior Rouge Nude No. 123

Nails: Herôme No. 124

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