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Winter is still not over here in Holland. Actually, the weather is changing all the time. From waking up with snow to going to sleep with rain the other day. Jup, nothing is changing more than the weather so there is definitely no balance. My dream is to have a white winter around Christmas, when everybody is close to the fireplace and eating a lot of food. Afterwards, when New Year took place, it has to be freezing all the time so we can go out and do ice skating, that kind of stuff. At the end, a little bit of snow in January made me also as happy as a little kid. These photos were from last weekend, when we were about to pick up our baby Fien, who is doing so great by the way. You probably have seen her many times coming by on my social media because I just can’t stop taking photos of her. She’s such an angel.

Right now, while writing today’s post, she is sleeping next to me. Exhausted of a day full of playing. We went out to visit the family and show her to our grannies, who both find her so adorable. After all the attention she just had and this whole new big experience around her today, she’s ready for a deep sleep next to the person who loves her the most (at least I think I do but we actually fell in love with her all). Hope you just won’t get bored of me and my dog talk/-photos haha.

During last weekend I wore this super light look which was a perfect match with the romantic atmosphere outside. I wore a super comfortable white Cambio pants with this lovely fluffy Marc Cain sweater at top. This one is actually my mom’s but I just can’t stop wearing it. Hope she won’t mind.. With it, I wore the best shoes ever when there is snow outside: Timberlands! How do I survive winter without them?? Those are really the warmest, most comfortable shoes out there who are ready for a little bit of mud and damage. Something that isn’t ready for that but is also an obsession worth, is my baby pink Louis Vuitton Alma bag. I think this was such a good match with the outfit and my baby blue nails. Yes, I definitely felt like a snow fairy (again). Hope you like this outfit folks and see ya tomorrow with a new Make-Up Monday post! XO























I was wearing:

Sweater: Marc Cain (similar)

Pants: Cambio

Boots: Timberland

Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Earcuff: DIY (look-a-like)


Lips: Dior Rouge Nude No. 123

Nails: Hema  No. 442

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