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Strength is sexy, ladies. For a lot of women, being strong isn’t something we even think about. It’s simply not socially expected of us, and the idea of spending time in the gym with the specific purpose of building muscle rather than losing weight seems almost uncomfortable. After all, what if we get bulky? What if we lose all our soft curves?

But in truth, strength is very beneficial to women, especially if they’re looking to build their confidence and tone their body all over. Wondering how the proper strenght training can impact your life? Then let us tell you all about it!

You’ll have a toned body

confidence strength training

Building those bulky muscles takes a lot of time, as any bodybuilder will tell you. It’s not something that happens overnight, and you have to do specific exercises to build mass rather than definition. The point is, you won’t get bulky unless you want to.

Lifting weights will give you a toned, lean body, and you don’t even need to do anything particularly complicated to attain it. A simple workout routine a few times a week can do the trick, and you can easily combine it with other types of exercises to keep things interesting and get the benefits of both weight lifting and cardio.

More muscle means faster weight loss

confidence strength training

Yes, cardio does burn calories faster and it definitely has its place in your workout routine. However, weight lifting will build muscle, and stronger muscles mean faster metabolism—basically, your passive metabolic rate will improve and you’ll expend more calories even when you’re sitting still.

While you can’t target your weight loss to specific areas, building muscles can make you slimmer all over. Your curves won’t disappear, they’ll actually look more defined. If you’re very skinny, lifting weights and doing resistance training can actually give you a more rounded bum and shapelier shoulders and legs.

The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to go to the gym to do it—as long as you pick up a few simple pieces of good exercise equipment you can do everything at home. Just get a set of light dumbbells and kettlebells and you can start.

Better overall health

confidence strength training

For women who have a history of osteoporosis in the family, exercising is one of the best ways to prevent future health problems. Workouts go a long way in providing you with better bone health, but they also improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of cancer and infectious diseases.

Type two diabetes can also be prevented if you muscle up and become more active, and generally any condition can be easier to manage if you become stronger. Even mental issues such as anxiety and depression can be improved through weight lifting.

You’ll feel capable

confidence strength training

The simple fact that you can carry more groceries will feel amazing, let alone all that extra energy and motivation you’ll get when you start strength training. Being strong is a feeling of unparalleled delight, especially because you’ll know that you’ve accomplished it all on your own and that you can now do a lot more than before.

Besides, weight lifting is fun, and fun is one of the essential parts of a good workout. Little things such as being able to walk for a longer time without getting tired, but also big things such as being able to better defend yourself all contribute to your overall self-worth. Simply put, you’ll feel like a capable badass.

You’ll feel more attractive

confidence strength training

Hey, you’ll look good naked. While health is certainly a huge motivator, most of us do want to look more attractive and strength training can definitely do that for you. It all works with each other—weight loss, toned limbs, more self-esteem. When you tie it all together you get a huge boost to physical appearance, and it feels really great. You’ll look good, you’ll enjoy yourself, and there’s absolutely no better feeling in the world than being comfortable in your own skin.

To reiterate, strength is sexy. Build it up through a fun workout routine, and start feeling great every day!


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