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Summer might be the most fun of all seasons, but the cold months are where we get to let our fashion skills shine. All those extra layering options make outfits so much more interesting. Despite the piling snow, you can still look really stylish if you know the right tricks. Eager to update your wardrobe with some cool new pieces and rock sassy looks that will make you into a fashion queen? Then check out some of our suggestions for which garments to grab and how to wear them!




Winter means fuzzy sweaters and you simply have to find yourself the coziest, fluffiest, most oversized of garments that feels like being hugged by a teddy bear whenever you put it on. Go for something pastel and girly. Something that will simply make you feel warm and safe. As long as you pair a big garment like this with really slim bottoms, you’ll make it look totally stylish. Pick leggings or ultra-skinny jeans that make your legs look awesome. This way the sweater won’t look like it’s swallowing your whole figure.

If you’re very petite, try finding a wide belt and wearing it around the waist. It’ll give you more definition and emphasize your curves in just the right way. This kind of look can be worn with either ankle boots or sneakers, and you barely need any jewelry to make it work. A simple pair of studded earrings and a good bag are more than enough.




Since you have to keep your feet warm and dry, finding the right kind of snow boots is essential. Of course, since there’s no real way to make winter boots particularly sleek, we recommend that you embrace the chunky look and make it a part of your style. Pair it with leggings or thick tights and wear a miniskirt over that to add a dose of feminine grace. A bomber jacket is a great choice to stay warm on top, and you can match the color of your scarf to the color of your boots for a nice chic detail.



Jeans are really a must-have for practically any season, but having a few good pairs in winter is particularly important. It can make you feel sexy despite the fact you’re covered in a lot of layers. You want to find something that hugs your curves the way you like, something that makes your bum look lifted and firm. Go for high-quality materials that can handle winter weather, and find a good jeans shop that has trendy bootcut and flared models to suit your body shape and satisfy your fashion cravings.

There are countless styling options once you’ve picked your model, but we’d especially like to encourage pairing your denim with a long, sleek coat. Coats are a very easy way to look neat and polished, and if you wear them with jeans then you’ll be giving the whole thing a nice, urban vibe that you can wear to almost any occasion. It’s simply hard to go wrong with the classics.


You shouldn’t layer plaid on top of other plaid, but an oversized button-down can actually be surprisingly sexy when matched with other things. Picture this: a very slim strappy black top, a long plaid shirt, and a leather jacket on top of that. Add a scarf, some distressed denim, and a pair of fingerless black gloves. Go for ankle boots and a leather bag, and enjoy the rocker chic outfit that makes you look edgy, stylish, and confident.


Okay yes, crop tops bare your midriff, but they can still be totally warm and winter-appropriate. You just have to pick a woolen material and pair it with high-waist pants, and then slip a cardigan or a blazer over that. That sexy little strip of bare skin is such a subtle way to look alluring without feeling cold. If you want something more demure, pick a loose model and wear a body shirt underneath.



Leather pants are fun, but they’re far too warm for any other season. Now’s the perfect opportunity to pull them out of your closet and enjoy the seductive look. If you pair them with a delectably soft, cashmere sweater you’ll make sure the whole outfit looks stylish as hell. Cashmere will add a dose of elegance to everything. So there’s no way your leather pants will end up tacky or over-the-top.

Enjoy the suggestions! Don’t let the cold weather deter you from getting creative and pandering to your inner diva. Start putting together new outfits that will make this season both warm and fun.

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