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Happy Sunday loves! Weekend is always the best isn’t it? Especially when there is cold, almost freezing, weather outside with a lot of sunshine! I woke up this morning with the sun coming trough my window and I was sure today was going to be a good day, and sure it was! We were basically busy all day long with preparing lots of new posts and content for the blog for the coming week. I haven’t told you it yet but from this Monday on I will have a second full time job besides blogging. Like I said, changes are coming this year! This Monday I will start with my job at my dad’s office too (coffee machines, do you remember?). I will create a social media project for the company and I am so excited about it! Almost feel like an expert in this so let’s do it!

But what this change means to the blog: nothing! I will be more busy than ever but I will do my very best to create enough content in every free hour I have! And it will be worth every minute because there isn’t a thing that makes me more happy in this world than blogging with and for you! :).

So before the hard work will start tomorrow I first had a super relaxing weekend where I only watched series yesterday in my bed (because of all the rain of course) and today it was all about shooting shooting shooting! I have many excited outfits planned for you so make sure you stay up to date guys! For now, I have this super relaxed look to show you which I can literally wear all week. It is so comfortable, this pants and sweater are just like a dream! Also this Moscow coat is a perfect to-go coat as it is ready for every kind of weather. Seriously the best jacket I own! Last but not least, these gorgeous Zara booties I can’t get over with! I got them from Santa(mom) this year and I am wearing them ever since I got them. And they are so comfortable yet chic to walk on! They look super similar like the Valentino ones, don’t they? 😉

















I was wearing:

Coat: Moscow

Sweater: Souvenir from Italy (similar here)

Pants: Brian Dales (similar)

Boots: Zara (I also love)

Bag: Tory Burch

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