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New years resolutions, #goals and other things you ought to work on are always coming around in the first few weeks of January. One of ours is living a more sustainable lifestyle, in any way possible. We’re not going to limit ourselves, yet we try find ways to live our lives without compromising our current lifestyle. Because we believe that it one person can make a difference.

But it isn’t always enough to keep you motivated. Making changes is hard. It also goes against human nature to change, we much rather stick to familiar patterns that makes us happy. And if we don’t get used to the change, we usually give up and search for that old pattern again.

One person can make a difference

So, you started to live more sustainable, meaning: you’ve cut back on meat, you’ve made consessions in your shopping patterns and above all you’ve been living more consciously. This can amount to a little added stress. Never think: “What good can one person do.” Because that’s not how it works.

First of all, if everyone would share that thought, we wouldn’t get one step further. So, rather than contemplating your next green move, reflect on all the good you’ve done for this planet already. Just think about cutting back on meat. One piece of meat is the equivalent of taking a 45-minute shower.

But it isn’t about that either. One person is all it takes to make a difference. If you stand for what you believe, others will follow your example. You see, if you show that living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t all that hard and also feel the reward of knowing that everything you do actually matters, people will follow in your footsteps.

If they won’t, then I won’t

Can I just say that this is bulls***. You don’t have to authorize yourself to another, don’t compare. Like we just said, one person can make a difference. It doesn’t really make sense to compare yourself to family members or friends who aren’t motivated to leave a positive impact on the world. Living a sustainable lifestyle starts with you!

Motivate them by making small, seemingly insignificant, changes. Like start recycling, sell off some clothes at a thrift shop or via United Wardrobe. Defintely make sure that all the changes you’ve brought in your life don’t look like they’ve changed a lot, even if they have. Circling back to human beings not liking change. Just show your friends or family that whatever you did took little to no effort. And that leaving a positive mark on this world is easier than getting out of bed in the morning.

How one person makes a difference: once you’ve decided to set a leading example, people will follow you. Sure, you’ll definitely get some resistance, but that won’t weigh up to the headway you can make. If you get sisters in arms who want to support your lifestyle and do the same, then you’re one step closer to a better tomorrow.

It’s all about compromising

Let’s say: you want to motivate someone to finally start separating the plastic. This person isn’t doing this very easy task for a reason. Mainly, his or her mindset hasn’t adjusted to the idea of making an extra – or rather different – handeling in their lives. It’s build into their system. So show them and make sure you show that it’s actually easier.

It’s the same with cutting back on meat. It’s really easy to make a dinner that doesn’t have any meat in it, yet is just as tasty or even better. Set the example by offering to prepare dinner for the family. Whip up something amazing and sit back while everyone is enjoying your diner. Don’t tell what’s in your dish until everyone has finished their plates.

How one person can make a difference: making compromises is not limiting your lifestyle. It’s still gaining there is to gain, while being better to the environment and others.

Think vegan

Vegans have a lot to put up with. They are always the butt of the joke, and it can have some serious health implications if you don’t eat right. Why is it that we want to stimulate you to eat vegan then? Well, the products they use are way more sustainable than the ones a hardend carnivore uses.

Just read up a little bit though, as you don’t want to be doing it wrong. Living on a completely vegan diet has some drawbacks. For instance, if you don’t like peas, you’ve got to find another way to get your proteins. So look for ways to still get the neccesary nutrients, while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

How one person can make a difference: taking up a vegan diet is way better for the environment due to the restriction of solely using biological and meat free products. It’s also a new way of looking at your food. Why would you want to eat like this? Just thinking about the what you eat can make a huge difference.

More about sustainable lifestyle?

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