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You’re seriously considering to live a sustainable lifestyle this year. That means you have to make some concessions, like eating less meat or shop at different stores. It also means that you’ve got to use the car less often. Commute to your work with nothing else than a bike.

We live in Amsterdam, so you could say that we’re cheating a little bit. A big part of the Dutch population travels by bike, mainly because it’s quicker and cheaper. These are two big pros on their own, but it’s also a healthy way to get around.

The mental and physical benefits of riding a bike

Don’t think that the Dutchies are super healthy because we ride our bikes for miles every morning, although it’s a good workout each morning. For the citizens of Amsterdam, riding a bike is a must, because the public transportation usually is slower. But most of us choose to take the bike every morning because it clears the mind.

So yes, we are happy to be a little more sustainable and we’re also putting in a good workout. We start our day happier and healthier, and there is some proof to back up that statement. Bicycling is an cario-exercise like running, so it stimulates the heart and cardiovasculair fitness. Cycle up to an hour and you can truly decrease the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack.

Above all, bicycling can counter anxiety and depression, that’s why us ‘Amsterdammers’ are always so happy. No, I’m kidding,  it’s not like we are the healthiest folk in the world, but we do reap the benefits from the regular bicycling. First of all, people in the Netherlands are generally very active. This is also part of the Dutch lifestyle, it can be pretty busy. But mainly because we warm-up our muscles everyday. The Dutch love to work out, simply because the warm-up is part of our day-to-day routine.

Sustainable, healthy living

Not every city is a perfect fit for riding a bike. Take London for instane. Aside from the gigantic size of the city, the roads are mainly meant for cars. So it’s less safe. But if you’re able to take the bike to work in your area, I honestly like to invite you to the biking-lifestyle. If only because you want to work-out more. Then think about the sustainable benefits of riding your bike, It’s certainly more sustainable because you leave no carbon footprint.

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