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Seldom, a brand surprises us so much as Dick Moby just did. This eyewear-manufacturer has a very special mission and it’s one of the better ones we’ve seen in a long time. To prevent plastic pollution, The company gathers the waste and transforms this, otherwise useless, plastic into fancy, sustainable glasses. That’s why they’re going to be a huge this year. Let’s make this beautiful brand ‘the’ Spring and Summer trend of 2019

Their mission manifesto opens as followed: “Plastic is great, seriously! But hold your water, we’re not a fan of plastic pollution. We’re just saying not all plastic waste is bad. Yes, the bitter truth has a sweet spot. We call it:

The sweet spot being, that it’s not always waste. It’s a matter of perspective. Being wasteful is something human. The start-up company hit the nail right on its head, because something useful needed to be done with plastic from a country that can no longer seperate it.

Cool glasses, sustainable sunwear

There is no doubt that Dick Moby is a sustainable company. From their mission statement to their sustainable materials, everytime they put a hinge in a frame, they help the planet heal a little bit. Which is great, because these companies are definitely needed. The glasses, whether it’s a sunglasses or one on prescription, are hand crafted and neatly polished in a factory in Italy. Check the video below to see their creation process from start to finish.

With every frame they produce they take the environment in consideration, for example: for every tree they have to cut to create the wooden pulp texture, they plant back three more. The frames are made out of a bio-acetate that has not come in contact with toxic chemicals.

Even the cases and wipes are made with, otherwise, disposed materials. Like the leather casings. One could argue that being boxed up in a leather case wouldn’t really be sustainable, yet in this case you can make the exception. The leather cases would’ve been thrown out anyway. So Dick Moby decided to give the material a new purpose.

Not just cool, your new trendy glasses are here too!

Loads of us use glasses or contacts. If you do too, you probably wear sunglasses on perscription. We’re happy to tell you that Dick Moby does this too. In fact, they aren’t too bad with regular glasses either. We all know that wearing glasses isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but we just have to. Make it better by checking which trendy frame suits you and give it a fun spin.

Do you like these glasses, or just the general idea? Head on over to their shop and browse to your hearts’ content.


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