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For the ones who pay attention may know that my families proud is the Moccamaster – world’s best coffee machine. Really, it is not a joke. Throughout the years we received serval prices because of brewing the best cup of coffee. This is not only because the fact that filter coffee just taste better and is healthier, but also because of our special heating element which doesn’t burn the coffee. Not to forget about the perfect drip time who perfectly blends the coffee with the hot water. Another important fact to not forget; a Moccamaster is super sustainable! Probably the most sustainable choice you can make while choosing a coffee machine.

Besides if its smart look and funky colors, a Moccamaster filter coffee brewer is a machine of power. They are all handmade and tested in a factory in The Netherlands. Due the use of durable materials – which are all recyclable – a Moccamaster will last a life time. Some go even on for over 40 years and still work like new. Compared to any other populair machine who will last approximately 2 years – I won’t name them but you will know which I mean – a Moccamaster is the best investment for your kitchen you can make.

Still not convinced? Well, besides that they are not only durable machines, they are also much cheaper in use and better for the environment. Filter papers can be thrown away in the GFT bin while the cups we know aren’t good for Mother Nature. Next to that, a cup of coffee with a Moccamaster is around €0,07 while cups are already €0,40 or more. Well, that’s would be an expensive family birthday without our filter machine ;-).

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