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It is Christmas time and even though you might be dying to get something new, we highly suggest to have a look in your closet first. In a journey to be more sustainable, one of the easiest ways to begin is appreciate the things you have again. We all desire to something new, but do we really need it? With a fun DIY, crazy make-up look or a creative look at your wardrobe, you can easily create something new and sparkly this Christmas without buying it!

Let’s begin with rich fabrics. You may already have a satin shirt that would actually fit perfect on those woolen trousers or sequin skirt (which is a good investment as well because if you have one, you have something sparkly to wear for the rest of your life). If you have a satin shirt you know that you will have it for years. In this way it is a better choice than a cheap polyester shirt, so if you go purchasing something new then go for quality.


sustainable, sustainability, party outfits, outfit ideas

A more fun way to make a funky outfit, is to DIY it! Gemstones, tulle, feathers, ribbons, pompoms: you name it! All great and easy tools to Gove your outfit a touch it needs within a few seconds. If you are not so creative, then think creative. Funky socks are a great way to spice up your shoe game this season! In this way you don’t have to buy new shoes, you just give them a new dimension with a simple touch!

sustainable, sustainability, party outfits, outfit ideas


sustainable, sustainability, party outfits, outfit ideas

Another great way to spice up your Christmas (or NYE) outfit, is with statement jewelry. Make it yourself or invest in a good fair made pair, like the jewelry from Je Suis Flore. Also an investment you will enjoy for years!


sustainable, sustainability, party outfits, outfit ideas

At last, not to forget, the glitter make-up and hairdos. You don’t have to be a pro to create a perfect red lip or sparkly eyeliner. For a good hairdo like the ones above you might need a little help but hey, it’s Christmas so plenty of time to create beautiful hair with your mom, sister or best friend!

Interested in more sustainable articles? Check this page and be inspired every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm!

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