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Fashion, we love it. Some outlets are greener than others though. This month, we are going to focus fully on the green and sustainable retailers and fashion designers. One of these conscious brands is Rita Row. A beautiful brand with roots in Barcelona. Take a look!

Originally started in 2013 in Figueres, Girona, Rita Row aimed to become a big player within the sustainable fashion scene. The minds behind Rita Row, Imma Serra and Xènia Semis, carefully looked at the needs of the modern, hard-working women. It has since then taken over the smart-casual look of the Spanish Costa Brava and is steadily on conquering the world.

Rita Row, for the pro

They aim at the young professional women of the world, while having a more than professional look on the way make their clothes theirselves. It’s not really sustainable if you can’t be transparant about the way you create your clothes. Aside from solely working on a 100 precent natural collection, Rita Row is also making work fair for the local economy.

Everything you buy from their stores is made within the borders of Spain. To make sure that no textile will go to waste, production only starts after an order’s been placed. Because of the chain of production is so short, garment can be created with great efficiency and care. Rita Row works nowadays with 4 different factories. Is there were the final process happens: cutting, dressmaking, iron pressing, packaging and labelling and they all benefit the local economies.

Sustainable and handcrafted

sustainable lifestyle apps

As we said, Floortje’s view on fashion has changed drastically after her role in ‘Genaaid’. So it’s only logical that her own jewellery line Je Suis Flore is made with fair compounds and in great conditions. Want to know more? Take a look!

Rita Row Inspiration

Having a killer, sustainable brand is fine and all, but it won’t be of much use if you can’t find anything you’d want to wear. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Rita Row has several collections and we’re sure you are going to love them. For instance, if you like minimalism, The SS17 is the collection for you. But it’s best if we’d just show you!Sustainable Fashion: Rita RowSustainable Fashion: Rita Row Sustainable Fashion: Rita Row Sustainable Fashion: Rita Row


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