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The fashion industry finally got the message. They need to change. Fashion isn’t just about the looks, the way it’s made is just as important. They are the biggest pollutor on the face of the earth, like Floortje experienced first hand. With that in mind, we started to search for the sustainable trends of 2019 you cannot miss out on.

Prints of 2019

Prints make or break a good outfit. 2019 doesn’t really bring anything new under the sun. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look.


Spring is going come around sooner than you think. Leopard print has been incredibly popular last year, especially in The Netherlands. We do expect that this trend will continue for a little while, so you don’t have to buy anything new this season if you invested in the print well!

Floortjeloves predicts sustainable fashion trends of 2019
Floral Print

It’s not unlikely that the floral print will make it’s return this Spring as well. Where you saw darker tones or pastels last season, in 2019 you’ll primarily see bright tones and warm colors. Florals are also one of those prints that last for years. So no matter if it is a big trend or not, with a good floral you are always good to go.

Floortjeloves predicts sustainable fashion trends of 2019

Stripe Down on the Leg

We’ve also seen them this year. But the simple stripe down over the leg is a subtle yet beautiful detail. It makes your legs look longer, and gives your pants an extra bit of ‘wow-factor’ that differs from an otherwise boring pair of jeans. So again a trend you can keep in your closet and can continue wearing this year.

Floortjeloves predicts sustainable fashion trends of 2019

Popcorn Cardigan

Everyone owns a popcorn Cardigan, according to Business Insider. These cardigans are usually made out of wool, which is one of the worlds most reusable textiles. We do agree. These cardigans are looking amazing and very comfy. So why not let it be the new trend of 2019? Even better if you get it from recycled fabrics. Did you know that they can make knits out of old jeans? That is what we call sustainability.

Floortjeloves predicts sustainable fashion trends of 2019


Simple tops and camisols increased in popularity, and not just a little bit. These cute tops are simple, yet very effective, certainly with warmer weather. Especially the silk and satin tops are very hot next season, but are an investment for a life time.

Floortjeloves predicts sustainable fashion trends of 2019

More Sustainbility?

Do you want to do more for our planet and a live a more sustainable life? We are going to help. From now on you will find an new article about sustainability on Floortjeloves everyday. You’ll find the complete overview here!


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