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When thinking of sustainable business, one’s mind easily drifts of to big coal companies who are bettering there operations or start-ups that want to better this world. However, it’s not always this far fetched. For example, you might be wearing or using it right now. Like Happy Socks?

I am a sucker for these colourful and – excuse the pun – happy socks. Ask anyone, I wear them all day, every day and what started with just three pairs grew to a big collection. Sure, there a bit more pricy than regular socks you’d find at a big department store. For me, it’s the way this company operates and thinks about their employees and environment. Let me tell you about it.

The code of conduct

Not everyone likes these flamboyant socks, and that’s fine. Usually worn by the girl or guy that embrases the Hipster-style which – again – is fine! I have many and every month I find new favorite, but I don’t only go for Happy Socks because of their cool design, I really love the way they operate.

Happy socks, a sustainable fashion brand

Happy Socks is registered in the BSCI, Business Social Compliance Initiative. This means that they ensure a fair and safe work environment for their employees. I mean, someone has got to make them, right? We discovered first hand what an unsafe work environment looks like and believe us, their conditions are abysmal.

It also means that they don’t endulge themselves in child and – or forced labor. Sadly, there are a lot of big brands who don’t follow this example, but Happy Socks know how it’s done. In fact, they don’t accept employees younger than fifteen years old, which is an acceptable age to start working. And even then, the child won’t be brought in situations that might be harmfull for their physical or mental health.

Happy socks, a sustainable fashion brand

Happy Socks, Happy planet

Being good to your workers is great and all, but it doesn’t make you a sustainable fashion brand. Well, they’ve got this covered too. Making sure you pay your employees twenty cents on the dollar is a good – yet unfair – way to get rich. That’s what most people expect when thinking on higher priced fashion, but in reality: it’s the material costs that are more expensive.

Yes, Happy Socks are using more expensive materials. Their clothes are made without harmfull chemicles, yet another one of their believes. Also called the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. These textiles are one-hundred precent sustainable and harmless to the workers.

More sustainability?

Is living a more sustainable lifestyle one of your New Years resolutions? Then allow us to help you. We are doing the same and we blog about it every day. Here you’ll find all our articles on sustainability. Did you know Floortje makes her own jewellery? I guess we don’t have to say how that it’s made. Check it out!


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