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The food industry is a gigantic pollutor. It’s a combination of the methane gasses cows release in the atmosphere and the ridiculous amounts of water used in meat farms. But many of us still feel a craving for it. So this Tuesday night, we’ll change it up to a sustainable, somewhat vegetarian, yet delicious dinner.

Sustainable dinner: salmon steak with spaghetti

Take it from me. I recently changed my diet, because I ate way, way too much meat. Almost every night. Eventhough I still love it, it’s completely unneccessary to eat so much. However, substitutes don’t work for me. So I switched over to fish. Don’t think you’re changing the world by eating fish, because the mass fishing industry can be harmful to the environment.

Salmon Steak

I love pasta! When I was a student, I used to eat it everyday, but nowadays I try to come up with the most creative pasta dishes. I also decided that I should live a more sustainable life in 2019. It’s one of my only New Years Resolutions. So that’s why I want to share my new favourite pasta recipe that I whipped up last night.

You will need:
– Spaghetti, 200 grams will do.
– Spinache (frozen). I bought 500 grams, but you’ll only need 200 grams
– A King Salmon fillet, preferably 300 grams.
– 125ml of creme fraiche
– 250ml of cream spread with basil and garden herbs

It’s really easy to make. I went for a King Salmon (or Pink-, Spring-, Humback Salmon). You can find them at almost every store that sells fresh fish. Yes it’s a bit more expensive than the storebought kind, but it’s good to treat yourself from time to time. These salmons come from the Chinook Lake in the Alaska. This oily fish is filled with healthy fats and Omega-3. So eat as much as you’d like.

Be careful when baking the salmon. You don’t need butter and a few drops of olive oil will suffice. The fish is very greasy, so don’t drown it in oil. Also, it’s a good idea to season the salmon with some salts and pepper before you put it in the pan. Cook it on a low to medium fire. Keep an eye on it, as it burns easily.

Sustainable dinner: salmon steak with spaghetti

Spinache and Spaghet!

Then I bought some pasta, my preference is spaghetti, but you can also use penne. I used regular pasta and I bought frozen spinache, because it doesn’t come in a plastic bag.

Just let the frozen spinache thaw for a little bit then put it aside. Reuse the pot or grab a new one, depending on how much you love to do the dishes and fill it up with water. To conserve energy, you can preheat water in a cooker. Like we said, this is going to be a sustainable dinner. Then cook the spaghetti al dente. Strain the pasta, but leave a little bit of water in the pot.

Now, add the the spinache in the pot with the pasta, creme fraiche and herbal spread. This will form a nice creamy sauce. Don’t add the spinache all at once. And keep stirring from the bottom. You don’t want the spaghetti to get stuck at the bottom of the pot. It won’t ruin your meal, but it will definetly ruin your good mood when doing the dishes.

Sustainable Enjoyment

Have you kept an eye on the salmon? Cool! Serve the salmon next to the spinach-y, creamy spaghetti. You’re gonna love it. Add some sundried tomatoes for the extra bite and you are good to go (eat). Bon apetit!


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