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A new year always comes with New Years resolutions, how surprisingly. Every year we have same resolutions; loosing weight, going to the gym, quit smoking and stress less. It is also known that we stop with these resolutions on day 4, how pathetic.. Time to do it different in 2019! We think this year is going to be the year of sustainability. So as you may have guessed, this post is not going to be about the most common New Years resolutions. It is about how to have a more sustainable year and on how to keep up with it. Are you ready for our tips?

Don’t Think Black or White – There is a Grey Zone Too!

The first thing to be aware of; the grey zone exists! We humans often think in black or white. Go for it a 100% or don’t do it at all. But why? Such a pity since every small step to improve can help you to be a better person – or do better for the world. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to do better. Not eating meat for 7 days a week, but 4 instead is already a big improvement. Such as not purchasing a new shirt every weekend, but choosing for something more sustainable instead – or DIY something old! It’s not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Buy Less

Keeping up with the sustainable trend, it all start with being more conscious. Be aware of the problems in the world and what you can do to help it stop. Buying less is one of the first things, because do we really need all of this? Don’t you have enough shirts, jeans or shoes yet? Have a look into your closet, find love in the things you have again and then consider if you really need something new. We are sure the answer will be ‘No’.

Something In, Something Out

But are you still dying to shop? Then try to live by the rule ‘Something in, Something out’. It is the easiest way to re-love your old things again and give it a new life if you are bored of it. Try to sell it on United Wardrobe for example, or donate it to charities. Even the items that you think are unusable can be recycled. So never throw things away!

And then when you buy something new, try to be more sustainable. Rather spend a little more on something that you won’t be bored of after two times wearing it or that falls apart after one night dancing. Invest in basics and play with funky accessories to make it your own!

Separate Waste

We already mentioned to not throw old clothing away because even when it is broken, it can be recycled. Another way to do better in 2019 is to really separate all your waste. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to separate your waste. So the next time you want to throw something away you just ask yourself if you want to grow the plastic soup in the ocean. The answer is ‘no’, right? Well, there you go!

Save Water

Most people shower everyday, some even twice a day. Really? Besides that it is bad for your skin and hair, you will also save a lot of water if you shower less or take a shorter one. Same as turn off the crane while brushing your teeth or washing your face. Or have you thought about going the laundry together with your roomie? It will safe a lot of water if you don’t do separate washes for every pair of black socks..

And, what are your resolutions for this year? Have you thought about more sustainable ones as well? Let us know!

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  • Eleanor May . January 2, 2019 . Reply

    One of my goals is to buy less too. Good luck with your resolutions!

    • (Author) Floortje van Cooten . January 15, 2019 . Reply

      Yes you go Eleanor! Hope you will keep up with your resolutions 🙂

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