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There we are again. Sustainability is still the theme of the month. So it’s only fair that we tell you how to live a sustainable lifestyle, whenever and wherever. Lot’s of us spend many waking hours with our co-workers in an office. So, here are some tips to improve upon a more sustainable work environment.

The hardest part of living more sustainable whilst at the office is performing within the norms your boss has  setup. You’ll become a nag and a bore if you keep correcting your co-workers, so lead by example instead. Show them that they don’t need all that paper or wrap a package in sixteen layers of plastic. Keep this up and maybe, just maybe, you’ll survive untill lunch.

Leading by example

We all have co-workers we like, and other we like a little less. So try to inspire everyone equally. Don’t go all out and never force your fellow office-goers to do what you do. You don’t wanna be some crazed Jehova’s Witness. Instead, take some time to let your sustainable lifestyle stand out. Your co-workers will notice and once they do, talk to them. Just explain why you think that cutting back on paper is important and that’s why you are reusing pages from your notebook.

Befriend the office-manager

Okay, even if you’re not that invested in a sustainable lifestyle, always become besties with the officemanager. I did at my previous job, and it makes your life a million times easier. Help him or her out from time to time and be sure to ask for some favours yourself. And if you really want to get things to change at the office, the officemanager makes the first call.

Sustainable office

Bring your own lunch

Most of the meats and cheeses are wrapped in heaps of plastic, which of course is terrible for the environment. Mealprepping is a great example of living more a sustainable lifestyle, because you don’t waste office food. The officemanagers can buy in less food and with that comes less plastic (pollution).

Take an iPad or laptop to the meeting

A laptop, but preferably an iPad can serve as a multi paper canvas. It allows you to quickly write something down and present it to the group. Taking a bunch of paper with you is no longer necessary.

Lower the thermostat

Let’s face it, some co-workers hate you no matter what you do. And lowering the thermostat will not make you more popular. Just take an extra sweater or hoodie with you to work. Surely somebody will complain. Just tell your boss that a lower temperature creates a more effective work environment and it’s definetly better for the environment.

More tips on sustainability? Start living your sustainable lifestyle right here!

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