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The year is well underway, and it’s time to get off that a** and do start working out again. If you want do it right? Invest in eco-friendly sportswear. It completes your sustainable lifestyle. Why, you ask? Well, to do good by are planet would be the main reason, but there are more advantages for your own personal gain.

Sustainable sporting

When living a sustainable lifestyle, you’ve already switched up your diet. You’re eating fresh fruits and veggies, because you don’t want to leave plastic waste and let’s face it, fresh is much better. You also cut back on meat while still getting your proteins in another way, because this is really important when sporting. So, all that rests is a suitable workout schedule.

With that, you’re going to need a few good sets of sportswear. Why diminish your hard work to be a better person if you’re going to buy some cheap body tops that are made in poor conditions with polluting chemicals and material. No, you want to buy the good stuff. So let’s see who which brands remain when taking the environment in consideration.


Miakoda is a gorgeous brand. Listen, no one said you’re not allowed to look hot in the gym. When you’re working up a sweat, you want to be sure your tops and leggings are going to hold up. Everyone has their own preference. Some love the loose fitting tops and slacks, while the athletes will probably prefer a skin-tight fit. The big plus of Miakoda is that they can provide you with everything. And also sell plus-sizes.


Do you see yourself like a casual sporter? Then you’re going to love Pact. The sets are not too serious, not too pushy, but they still show that you mean business if your want to. However, this is the perfect brand if you are the person who rather throws on a comfy feeling sports-set on a lazy sunday.

eco-friendly sustainable sportswear and where to find it

Girlfriends Collective

The Girlfriends Collective wants to be there for everyone. No matter what size you are, you can find a great set that looks professional. This is the preference of the eco-friendly professional. If you are transforming in a serious beast when you work-out, this is probably the brand for you. Are you a dancer? Then definitely take a look!


Teeki is cheeky. Want to stand out? Then this is the brand for you. You can be sure to roll some heads in the gym with the rainbow coloured-spotted leggings. It might be a bit chilly outside now, but this isn’t just sportswear. If you like it to wear a legging in the summer? Then try these sustainable and above all fashionable ones. Teeki is the brand for the daring, cool girl who likes to express herself.

Why go for eco-friendly sportswear?

We already told you the first and foremost reason, but there is another big reason to chose for the eco-friendly version. Never buy cheap sports wear. Because the low price, the materials used can be harmful for the environment and even for you.

The chemicals in the the cheap stuff can infect your skin, giving you a rash or worse. They usually don’t mix well with warmth and water (sweat). The not transpiring, and because of the tight fit, you can experience an uncomfortable feeling. Something you definitely don’t want when working out! Not to mention the durability of the tops and slacks. Most of the cheaper brands rip and tear after a few sessions, making you go back and buy another one. If you don’t want that to happen, invest in the stronger, better and greener kind.

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