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Have you heard of Tea Therapy? Tea is more than a nice, warm drink. We take coffee when we want to feel more awake, drink water to not de-hydrate, make a hot chocolate as a treat but tea.. it’s just there right? Most people drink tea everyday and they often choose a flavor they just like. But did you know that tea is more that just a flavor added to a warm drink? It can really make your mood and can help recovering from bad health.

In this little overview you find the magic of tea and what it does for your body. Wake up problems but don’t like coffee on a sober stomach? Try Tumeric tea! Having hard times with falling asleep? Chamomile is the answer! Now when the cold days are coming, the illnesses also hit the cities. But even if you feel nauseous or have a sore throat, tea is the answer. But better preventing it with some Chai Tea..

And, what is your favorite tea to drink?

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  • Lucie . October 30, 2017 . Reply

    I really like this post!! I really do believe that tea (and what you put in your body in general can really make an amazing difference!!
    Lucie, xx

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