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It’s weekend loves! Sorry for my absent these past two days but I have been so busy, you can’t even imagine.. Also the weather has been terrible this past week so it was almost impossible to shoot outside. Happily we found some dry moments to shoot some great looks that are waiting for you to be shared. Gosh, Christmas madness it is here. As most of my friends and family are celebrating their holiday right now, I have the busiest time of the year. But to be honest, I love it! Sometimes it is hard to plan everything in time, but when it all succeed I feel more than great. 2015 is going to be a big year, I am sure!

Besides all the blog work I have to do and meetings with some great partners of us, I also have been so busy with Christmas present shopping lately. Even through I have a hundred of gift ideas I still find it so hard to buy the right things. Happily after a full week of (online) shopping I almost got everything. Still there is a present for my brother left.. Any ideas?

During a shopping session this week I wore this outfit. I got this coat from Asos on Wednesday and I am wearing it ever since. Unfortunately it isn’t rainproof, but on the other hand it really is warm and comfortable. So, I will survive the rain anyway because staying warm is way more important to me! I am literally always cold. My hands are freezing and when I don’t have something around my neck I feel like dying. Thanks to this big collar and warm pockets I finally found my perfect coat! Like I said in last post, I have a coat obsession lately. Well, this is the fourth one from this year I was talking about and I love it so so much!

With the coat I was wearing my favorite black leather pants and a grey turtleneck. I think the soft color of the coat pops out the best in this other wise dark look. I was also wearing these Sarah Summer sneakers which are definitely the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. Yeah to these!! And to the Mulberry bag, who is perfect for a big Holiday shopping session hehe. Hope you like this cozy outfit and I wish you all a very happy weekend! XX






















I was wearing:

Coat: Asos

Turtleneck: Asos

Leather Pants: Graham & Spencer (similar here)

Bag: Mulberry Bayswater

Shoes: Sarah Summer

Earcuff: DIY (I also love)

Keychain: Asos


Lips: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture No. 05

Nails: O.P.I. No. NLF64

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