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1. Silver Necklace 2. Red Turtleneck 3. Fringe Bag 4. Silver Earrings 5. Leather Beret
6. Red Bracelet 7. Gold-Red Bracelet 8. Red Lipstick 9. Gold Bracelet 10. Glitter Pants
11. Gold Necklace 12. Black Boots 13. Seal Ring 14. Initial Ring 15. Leopard Jacket

Two more nights until Black Friday finally starts! We have been counting down since a week now and Friday Cyber Weekend finally starts. Before we share our big big Cyber Weekend post on Friday, we have another wishlist with you to share! This list is mainly about jewelry and how to perfectly style it. We took all the jewelry from Lobibeads, an amazing handmade jewelry shop from The Netherlands with a lot of high quality pieces. From sterling silver to gold plated, they have the perfect items to wear and layer.

During Black Friday, Lobibeads has 30% off on all their bracelets and 20% off on the rest of their jewelry (sale not included). Next to that, the other items we share in this wishlist will probably be for sale with great discounts as well. So if you want to rock your leopard jacket or glittery trousers, than definitely keep an eye on them this weekend!

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