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You have the charisma, the signature smile and the dance moves. All you now need is a seriously stunning look to match all of the mentioned qualities to dazzle your date! It may seem like a daunting task, as picking the right lipstick shade and the shoes that are just comfy and sexy enough at the same time can be difficult with all the butterflies rummaging through your belly, but this first date checklist is here to help.

Let’s walk through a list of essential beauty tips and tricks every gal should have by her side for a fabulous night out, hassle-free and brimming with confidence!


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Photo by Maxx Miller on Unsplash

First of all, for all the ladies out there who have glorious locks, you might be tempted to go full-blown prom style when it comes to your hair. However, stay strong and resist. Because just like with makeup, which we’ll cover in a minute, picking a more effortless hairstyle that requires little mane-tenance on the go is the best option.

Think: beachy waves, the casual equivalent of the nude makeup look, or a loose French braid for hot summer weather. Anything that you can control comfortably sounds like a great option for your evening out, as long as you focus more on nourishment with a rich mask to add a bit of natural glow. However, don’t experiment with a new product the day before your date, but stick to something you trust and know that will tame your frizz or give you the perfect amount of volume.


floortjeloves, first date, first date checklist, date, dating, date checklist, checklist, date tips, tips, beauty tips

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Unless this was an impromptu date invitation from the evening before, you’ll likely have at least a week to care for your complexion before the special date. This means you should focus on cleansing your pores with the help of regular exfoliation, and you can leave the last one for the evening before your date, for the best, pure skin effect.

However, don’t limit your scrub to your face, but be generous with your entire body and brush away the dull with an exfoliation bath. That way, if you plan on wearing something that shows a bit of skin in this lovely weather, you’ll be smooth and radiant all over and you’ll prep your skin to absorb all the goodies from the moisturizers that come after the scrub!


floortjeloves, first date, first date checklist, date, dating, date checklist, checklist, date tips, tips, beauty tips

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Remember that classy doesn’t necessarily mean over-the-top or extravagant. You can leave a powerful impression with those simple, but sophisticated picks that have stood the test of time. Spend some time browsing through cocktail dresses online to find the best cut, fabric, pattern, and length for your taste and occasion – but the little black dress never disappoints.

As for your choice of footwear, tread lightly, so to speak. If you feel confident that no pair of pumps will cause you trouble and you have no issues maneuvering in them on an unknown terrain (for instance, cobbled streets), then by all means, rock your heels. On the other hand, flat sandals or a little comfortable platform can be as beautiful as your heels, so take comfort into consideration when you make your decision.


floortjeloves, first date, first date checklist, date, dating, date checklist, checklist, date tips, tips, beauty tips

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

This little tidbit of advice is not based solely on the fact that the nude look is so trendy right now, and that more women are going for the makeup-free appearance for pretty much any occasion. It’s also based on the fact that you should use makeup on your first date not as a source of distraction (and a rainbow on your eyelids, lips, and cheeks will be precisely that), but as an emphasis on your best features.

A lovely red lip combined with a touch of mascara is always a great option, while a dab of the right foundation to cover any imperfections and still looks natural and in your skin tone is another great way to achieve this look. Still, minimalism in this respect should be a general rule of thumb, as too many clashing colors, or too much gloss and glitter can be invading on the substance of your date.


What you cannot say with bold makeup or hairdos, say it with the help of the perfect detail! After all, this is why we love the statement necklace and the chunky earrings that go with anything and everything – because they help you express your character, show your preferences, and flaunt your unique sense of style.

Pick a perky purse to pack your essentials, such as a baby blue bag, and you’ll have a splash of soft color without wearing too many different hues of your palette. Then again, a delicate necklace or something as quirky as a barrette can be more than enough to embellish your look to perfection!

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