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So after sharing the mom and dad gift guide, we shouldn’t forget about the kiddos. You might have kids yourself, or have a younger brother, sister, cousin, godchild or just some kid you love and you want to spoil. Either ways, there are plenty of things to give to a child. From a cute Christmas outfits to even cuter teddy bears. Here is the kids gift guide to inspire you!

Who doesn’t love a little girl in a little red dress? Or a baby boy in a smocking ? That is just the most adorable thing ever, right? And the best thing is that the items we have selected are sustainable as well! Now you don’t have to feel guilty when you dress your kiddos in these way too cute items.

Other stuff that works good in the world of kids? This handmade doll from Etsy is one of the cutest things ever, or go for a fun and educating book for those curious ones. As you see, there are plenty of options to go for besides the regular toys. But not to forget; No matter what you choose, the wrapping paper will do the work of magic anyway!

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