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July 30, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

Mango is back with a new collection, and how! It’s designed for the party and wedding season, but oh my.. We want literally everything! Sequin dresses, silky fabrics and a combination between soft tones and bright colors. This collection has just everything you need! We selected our favorites in this wishlist. From a maxi sequin dress to the purple silky one. Or are you more the type to rock the palazzo pants with the wide blazer? Enough combos to make! What item is your favorite?


1. Crystal Earrings
2. Pink Sandals
3. Floral Kimono
4. Yellow Blazer
5. Black Clutch Bag
6. Sequin Dress
7. Purple Dress
8. Transparent Bag
9. Golden Hoops
10. Green Skirt
11. White Pantalon
12. Black Satin Sandals 

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