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It might still feel far away, but summer is really on its way. Big chance you are already looking for your next summer trip and are shopping new outfits for the new season. Time to let us inspire you with the swimwear guide of 2018! We selected the coolest swimwear and accessories for the coming beach days, to get you ready and make you even more excited for summer.

We went crazy at the store LASCANA because they really have the best swimwear options! From printed to very basic, from push-up to small triangels and from two-pieces to one-pieces. One of our favorites is this swimming suit with different blue tones. Easy to combine with a little denim shorts and some cute mules. In case you are more a bikini girl, than this yellow top and bottom are perfect for you. With a good tan it even look better! Trow on this beige midi skirt when going out and make the tropical streets of your trip unsafe! Now we can’t wait for summer, what about you?


1. Blue Swimming Suit
2. Black & White Mules
3. Pom Pom Earrings
4. SPF Sun Oil
5. Black & White Bikini Top
6. Black & White Bikini Bottom
7. Yellow Bikini Top
8. Yellow Bikini Bottom
9. Red Slides
10. Mint Open-Shoulder Top
11. Beige Skirt

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