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Let me introduce you to my new red friend. Her name is Gucci and we are in love ever since we saw each other a few months back, but finally got a relationship almost two weeks ago. Haha okay guys seriously, I have this never ending love with bags and shoes. It annoys my sometimes, because there is so much beauty I want to get my hands on. It is not that I take it for granted, absolutely not, but when I really want to treat myself I do it with some designer shoes or a bag. With all the hard work you have to give yourself a little present sometimes right? And now, when I am still living at home, I am able to do so. So why not?

There are just a few things my items all have in common: they’re wearable – meaning; it can go with almost every outfit – and they’re useful. For example, I don’t like big bags because I will loose all my things inside and it gets way too heavy. So, no matter how much I love big totes, I will mostly go for a small cross body or handbag. When talking about shoes it’s a little different because they are not always very useful. High heels I mean.. But that is most of the time something I only invest in when it is Sale period, which is also almost coming! Do you already have your list ready for it?

Than, it has to go with everything. Especially when investing in a designer item, you want to wear it as much as possible. For example; my new burgundy red Gucci bag is just a perfect winter must, as the warm color will go with almost everything. In this outfit, I wore it with this super stunning tweed dress from Rich & Royal. I love how the colors and texture are so different than usual, yet still so wearable. Adding some black knee boots to spice it up a bit and a white turtleneck to stay warm. What do you guys think? And what are your musts when investing in something you really, really want? Tell me cause I would love to hear!















I was wearing:

Dress: Rich & Royal

Turtleneck: Marccain

Thighs: Wolford

Bag: Gucci

Boots: Zara, similar here

Rings: Pandora rose and flower crown

Bracelets: HermesBvlgariThe Peachbox

Earcuff: DIY, similar or budget here


Lips: Dior Rouge Nude No. 459

Nails: Dior No. 803

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