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August 15, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

Let’s talk about some trends I have been spotting lately and that makes me more and more than excited for the new season to start. First of all; corduroy is hotter than ever! This ‘vintage’ fabric is literally everywhere. From jackets and trousers to bags and caps. Wear it all over in a suit, or just add it subtle to your outfit. You can over do it as much as you want! Next up, the logo print is back. Dior is doing it, double F from Fendi is hot again and Gucci is all over. These knee boots are just the investment piece for this season I am dying for..

But you can also go ‘easy’. A combination of different materials are also a big trend, so combine your corduroy with a mohair sweater for example. Or this big checkered coat (love love love!) with a leather pants. Spice it up with some sexy leather heeled boots, or make it more fashionable with some leopard printed booties.

For the bags; go for fall colors such as burgundy or dark green and choose something interesting. No matter if it is the hardware that makes it special such as this Gucci bag, or the velvet material like this YSL one. The rule is just to wear something special that will make your look complete!


1. Checkered Coat
2. Denim Jumpsuit
3. YSL Velvet Bag
4. Purple Mohair Sweater
5. Corduroy Blazer
6. Black Heeled Boots
7. YSL Brooch
8. Corduroy Cap
9. Corduroy Trousers
10. Gold Necklace
11. Gucci Knee Boots
12. Red Lipstick
13. Burberry Scarf
14. Gucci Bag
15. Leopard Boots

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