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Things To Do in Amsterdam This Winter

November 14, 2019.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

Amsterdam really is a magical city, especially in winter time. Lights are up, the streets are filled with art and the most beautiful shopping windows are ready to go crazy on shopping Christmas gifts. As an Amsterdam citizen myself, I think this is my favorite time of the year in the city. Even though the crowd drives me crazy sometimes, it is so beautiful and romantic. Even a walk to work or a ride to the gym takes you into this dreamy world. In this post you will find my 5 favorite things to do in Amsterdam this winter that you really can’t miss out on!

Light Festival Tour by boat

Maybe you have heard of the Amsterdam Light Festival before, but if not you should definitely put it on the top if your list! It is the festival of the year where 20 artworks made out of lights that bright up the canals of Amsterdam. Each art piece has a story and let you dream away. The best way to experience this 8th edition, is definitely on a boat? Starboard, the boat rental company you may remember from this post, offer tours for Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 – 2020 but be quick with getting a spot on the boat before it’s all sold out!

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Iceskating on Museumplein

Looking for more magic? Iceskating at museumplein should be on your list too! Especially at night it feels like you are a Disney prins or princess on ice. It is definitely one of the – if not the – most romantic thing to do on a date with your lover! Not a good ice skater? No worries! It is also a great place to sit down with a hot chocolate to see people dance or fall on the ice ;-).

Walk through Utrechtse Straat

De Utrechtsestraat is my personal favorite street of Amsterdam. It have lovely and unique stores and have the most beautiful Christmas lightning of all streets in the city. Wether you take a quick cycle through it or a long stroll, you will definitely be mesmerized by its beauty of this street. Preferred to do it after 5pm when it is dark so you can fully enjoy the beauty of all these winter lights.

Spa Moment at Sauna Deco

I actually didn’t want to share this one as it is my new hidden gem in the city, but I also feels like it really deserves a spot on the list. Sauna Deco is located on the Herengracht en is by far the most beautiful spa I have ever been to. The place is totally covered in a Parisian art-deco style from the 20’s. It got its interior from the department store Au bon Marché in Paris when they renovated in 1979. Ever since it is this beautiful spa in the center of Amsterdam that offers lovely spas, massages, beauty treatments and food, but also a dosis of inspiration from the interior.

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Window Shopping at De Bijenkorf

At last something every shopaholic will probably love; getting inspiration from Christmas shopping windows. My by far favorite in the city is by De Bijenkorf. For the ones who have been to London might know how beautiful the shopping windows from Selfridges always look. Since the acquisition by Selfridges in 2010, De Bijenkorf had a huge facelift and so did their shopping windows. The now high-end department store is a place where every fashionista can fall in love, and with these fantastic Christmas shopping windows you can definitely not resits it!

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