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Once an artistic movement and a cultural phenomenon, now a beautiful approach to fashion and interior design, the Bohemian chic home is becoming wildly popular among homeowners and city pad dwellers around the world. Praised for its unapologetic use of color, texture, natural finishes and vibrant greenery, grand mirrors, and artistic accents such as books, instruments, and paintings, the Boho look is making its way into the living environment of every artistic soul longing to evoke the spirits of generations past.

This approach to interior design is not just about collecting trinkets from faraway lands. Or grading your bookshelf with the collected works of Dostoyevsky. It’s about imbuing your home with the distinct essence of culture, life and unhindered love. Here are five tips that will help you achieve just that bohemian chic home.


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The Boho chic interior thrives on diversity of color, texture, and patterns. This is not a place for boring walls of solid-color furniture. It is rather a place where a vivid foundation should complement the complex patterns throughout the room. So, start with the colors on the walls.

You can always leave the base color as it is, in a neutral hue such as pure or off-white. To make it interesting and truly Boho, though, the walls will need to enjoy a bountiful collection of pictures, paintings, and unique decor elements such as instruments. Next, you can complement this vibrant foundation by mixing patterns, colors and textures on the furniture, throws and statement pillows.


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The Boho chic style celebrates its inextricable bond with Mother Nature, and so should you if you want to bring such a beautiful setting to life. Using the hippie era of the 1960s and the 70s as an inspiration for a natural, sustainable look in the interior. The Boho design emphasizes the use of rustic elements and natural finishes throughout.

Consider materials such as wood, sisal, hemp, and rattan for the furniture. Various wall decor, round area rugs, hemp plant hangers, and more. You can find amazing furniture pieces in thrift shops and salvage markets for a fraction of their worth, and don’t be afraid to pick up a worn-out piece if you really like it, as restoring it to its former glory shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.


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One of the hallmarks of a true Boho chic look in a modern home is the distinct appreciation of all things from nature. However, it doesn’t end with the aforementioned materials and fabrics, such as wood, hemp, or linen. The essence of Boho is in reconnecting with Mother Nature by treating your backyard as an equally valuable segment of your home.

Take your time when furnishing and decorating your little outdoor oasis. Make sure to represent all elements of nature. An outdoor fireplace or a fire pit for cold winters will turn every reading session into pure romance. Then again, introducing a cool and spacious swim spa can transform your backyard into a serene slice of heaven and water will become the focal element of your outdoor design. Add a few scented candles, a flower garden, plenty of throw blankets and pillows, and you’ll truly have a complete, all-around Boho haven.


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Art and culture are the pillars of the Boho chic look. Your living space should serve as a sanctuary for old works of art ranging in eras, genres, and artistic movements. Everything from instruments to paintings, to literary works of art spiraling upward on the floor. All the way to accents from the hippie era such as posters, peace signs, and Woodstock memorabilia should have a place in your living environment. Remember that there is no order or organizational pattern here. Just let every artistic element find its ideal place in the room – now let it breathe.


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Lastly, the Boho chic approach will only come to life if you create an inviting space that will inspire people. Let them communicate, share stories, create art, and be at peace with themselves. To achieve this, consider placing comfy cushions or beanbag chairs on the floor to create a cozy seating area. Add poufs and fluffy area rugs to “warm up” the place and inspire mindful activities such as reading, listening to music, and practicing yoga.

There are numerous ways you can style your home’s interior, but if you consider yourself to be a free, artistic spirit, then the Bohemian chic home is definitely a look for you. Follow these steps to a Boho interior that will inspire you to life, love and laugh with all your heart, for years to come.

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