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The future may look far away, but before you know it it’s there. The time you study and go to school is over within a blink of an eye and then Boom! Working life. But are you ready for it? Do you think about your future? In other words; tomorrow is now. Think about what you want to do when you wake up the next day, get ready and be prepared!

A few days ago I attended a Poetry Slam by Randstad. The motto of the evening was ‘tomorrow’ #watdoejijmorgen. It was my first time attending such a thing and I have to admit that I had no idea that it could be so inspiring. Hearing others talking about how they see tomorrow in a creative way was more than just inspirational. The future isn’t something frightening, but exciting instead. Something look forward to and live day by day.

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But you are not alone on this path to success. To help you prepare and get ready for your first jobs and your future, Randstad is here to help you. It is a perfect guide to find jobs you may like or get inspired to find your direction. In this way, you can get ready or inspired for tomorrow within a few clicks.

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