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When you come home from work, from a business trip, a vacation, you name it – you want your home to bring you a sense of peace and serenity. Even if you work from home and rarely leave the coziness of your living room sofa, when the time comes to turn your laptop off, don’t you crave for instant Zen to take over?

We often underestimate just how powerful our environment can be in shaping our mood and our mind, so we take our personal space for granted. With a little help from pros in the world of interior design and your own authentic touch, you can reshape your space into a true Zen den to greet you at the end of a busy day.

Time for spring cleaning

floortjeloves, home, zen, zen paradise, turn your home into a zen paradise, decorationPhoto by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash

You might not be a minimalist at heart, nor do you have to be one in order to reap the rewards of decluttering, but use this chance to wear your minimalist hat for just a few hours. Assess your possessions from a practical perspective: do you really need all the throw pillows, or are they mostly collecting dust? What about those trinkets, books, clothes, and beauty products?

It’s time to clear out the things that have no use in your life, but still keep those that have emotional value for you. Hopefully that cannot be said for a bottle of moisturizer which expired a few years ago. When you finally see some clear space, you can start cleaning and prepping for your redesign efforts.

Find tips on how to have a tidy home at The Most Chic.

Turn to Mother Nature

floortjeloves, home, zen, zen paradise, turn your home into a zen paradise, decorationPhoto by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

A little can go a long way when it comes to introducing greenery into your home! Certain plants have the power to instantly bring more life into your space. Especially if you already have an organic base such as wooden floors or shelves. From basic greens to plants that have lush flowers, you can even spice up your home with some vivid hues through various greenery.

An equally important aspect of your future oasis is letting in enough natural light. Reduce heavy curtains and carpets which tend to suffocate a room, and let sunlight splash your home every day! Add to that a few carefully-chosen LED lamps and bulbs to keep your artificial light as comfortable and eco-friendly as possible, and you’ll soon start brimming with fresh energy.

Elevate the atmosphere

floortjeloves, home, zen, zen paradise, turn your home into a zen paradise, decorationPhoto by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Another aspect of your home that can help you relax at any given moment is hidden in those intangible details such as fresh air, soothing fragrances, background music, and the like. However, since we live in highly-polluted urban areas, or at least most of us do, we are constantly exposed to air and noise pollution. We rarely get a break from it all when we get home.

While sound-proofing can seem like an arduous task, even a few simple choices such as stacking those bookshelves on the outer walls and using sound-absorbing paint (yes, that exists!) can make a huge difference. In addition to that, you can start using a high-quality mold air purifier that will keep those pesky allergens and airborne irritants at bay. Talk about keeping your home healthy and yourself happy at the same time!

Do a digital detox

Those among you who work from home will understand the conundrum of keeping your electronic devices to a minimum without actually quitting your job. Most modern homes also have at least one TV, not to mention the many phones, tablets, computers, and other digital gimmicks that have become so popular.

Still, it’s possible to keep your work-zone without overburdening your entire home with screens!

Use a room divider to create a physical boundary between your personal and professional life, and keep all of your equipment stored in that area. As for your TVs and other electronics, do your best not to make them the focal points of your rooms. Use them in limited increments of time, such as for your favorite show.

Change your palette

floortjeloves, home, zen, zen paradise, turn your home into a zen paradise, decorationPhoto by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

When was the last time you used a fresh coat of paint to bring your walls to life? Use this opportunity to consider which new, bright colors could help liven up your home and which accent shades can add to the calming effect of your palette.

Light purple or lavender paired with a touch of soft grey, or coral pink with a touch of royal blue. It all depends on your own mood and preferences. Pastels typically make for an excellent base, but accents can range from sunny yellow to emerald green. All you need to do is compare, contrast, and take your pick!

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