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Happy (Make-Up) Monday! Finally I have time for a new beauty post and reveal the last session I shot with the talented Chanelle. We wanted to recreate a famous star, a legend, and shoot it. It was so obvious to choose Twiggy because besides that everybody knows her, she have an outstanding style. That was exactly what we wanted to put into those pictures. So bring it on with the big lashes, eyeliner and eyebrow powder. Let’s recreate Twiggy!

For this look I used the same base as usual, you can find all about it here. The make-up I added for this look was a highlighter from Too Faced which I applied on my cheekbones for a better shape of my face. Then I made strong, hard eyebrows by using the darkest color from this amazing Anastasia palette. Of course you have to finish it up with the clear eyebrow gel, never forget that one! After you did this make-up you can go further with the eyes which are actually very simple to do. You can use this perfect Doll Eyes mascara from Lancôme, or you go for long fake lashes like I did. They’re easy to apply and you’re definitely going to rock your Twiggy-look! After you did your up-lashes you can make big lashes underneath your eyes by using a black eyeliner. You just have to make little stripes, not a hard job!

Last but not least: your hair! You fished the Twiggy make-up, now you’re going to look which hairstyle you want to use. When we were searching for a Twiggy-look on Google we came to two different styles we liked: a long, big braid and a classic hairstyle with the ponytail on one side. You can choose whatever you like! Add a little ‘black and white’ to your photos and you are about to rock this shoot!

Hope you liked this last post about our make-up session. This will be my last week in Istanbul as well and I have so many excited thing planned for the blog when I’m home again. Besides you can expect a new outfit post every day, there will come many exciting tutorials and new collaborations! Stay updated, it’s all coming soon.. XX







Photos made by Chanelle, visit her blog here

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