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You’re already too late if you want to make reservations at a fancy restaurant, and past experience has taught you that Valentine’s Day can be a total disaster. Adding pressure to an otherwise perfect relationship isn’t the way to go either. So what’s left? Can you still spend Valentines Day 2019 in the most memorable way possible when you just stay at home?

Why do anything at all?

Some don’t think of Valentine’s Day as something special. Why be any bit more romantic than you already ought to be. Okay, let’s park that train of thought for now. Being romantic is mostly confused with not being spontaneous anymore, and as you well know, you can still be spontaneous at home. So if you think: “why should I be more romantic on the fourteenth of February?” Then just think: “How can I be a bit more spontaneous for the one I love today.”

Let’s face it, men are less into Valentine’s Day than women, but they do like to surprise from time to time. So it’s only natural that he wants to put in that extra bit of effort. It’s a bit like a date night, but you don’t feel well or like going out. He’s going to do his best to make it more cozy at home, right?

valentine's day spent at home is the best

But does staying at home on Valentine’s Day count as doing nothing at all? Well, kind of, and believe me, you’re better for it. At the core, Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with your love. Firstly, it doesn’t matter if you do that in a pricey restaurant or on a crazy date. At the very least, you can spend it exactly the way you want to. You can talk freely instead of shouting over others or loud music, and you can talk about everything without disturbing the people who are clearly on their first (Valentine’s) date ever.

Why spending Valentine’s Day at home is the absolute best

First of all, you should treat V-Day’s date night as a night off you can spend to together. The keyword being ‘together’. If you want, you can start with a new show on Netflix, and that’s fine. But you can also do these other things you usually don’t get the time for, like setting some scented candles and mood-lighting and take a long bath together.

Or if you and your lover are crafty, start a DIY-project. If you own pets, make it about them and have fun with the dogs and cats or prepare him a restaurant quality dinner. Better yet, prepare it together. And here are some more lovely ideasThis could be your most special Valentine’s Day yet. Especially if you realize that you saved yourself loads time, money and best of all if things heat up, you can act on it right away. ;-)

The biggest problem is that most people think too long and hard about Valentine’s. It’s supposed to be perfect, right? But, perfect is subjective. It’s only perfect if both of you enjoyed it. He might come home with flowers or a gift, but it’s fine if he doesn’t because all he really needs to do is coming home.

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