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February 10, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.1 Comment

Time for the second Valentine’s Day wishlist as a count down for the day of love. This time, it is all about the perfect Valentine’s Day date outfit, but also what to wear underneath your clothes. You never know how an evening ends, so you better be prepared! I found this amazing red blazer and red pantalon on Otto, and immediately found it THE perfect outfit to wear on a date night – especially on V-day. It’s feminine, it’s sexy and it screams confidence; something no-one can’t resist.

While searching for a nice top underneath, I found many great options to go for in the section blousetops. That’s also where I found this white lace one, which just gives the perfect romantic touch to a powerful outfit like this. Now the question, what to wear underneath? I would suggest red, which also works perfect underneath white in case you didn’t know. Finish it off with a satin kimono for in the bedroom and I am sure you will have a very special Valentines!


1. Red Blazer
2. Red Pantalon
3. Leather Belt
4. White Top
5. Black Booties
6. Red Lipstick
7. Big Earrings
8. Satin Kimono
9. Red Bra
10. Red Briefs
11. White Beret
12. Red Nail Polish

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  • Mei Qi . February 11, 2018 . Reply

    Leuke wishlist!! Leuk gedaan met die hartjes zo erom heen!!

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